Light coverage question - add/replace/leave alone?

so if my current mars 600w LED light draws 100w for 4 sq ft, thats maybe not enough for flowering so looking to add the HLG 65 and use both. Do I then take the 100+65 then /4 to get 41.25 watts per sq ft which seems better and in line with the “lighting standard” could add the HLG 100 otherwise…or ??

So your in a 2x2? Aka 1 plant?

Well there are 2 (week 1 veg) in there now and might go to 2x4. I was allocated part of a bedroom and space is limited for a larger grow (thought was to eventually upsize and use the 2x2 to play with/dry/etc.

You’ll definitely need a 2x4 space if those aren’t autos , even if they are it’ll be a tight squeeze

okay, so will be moving to a 2x4 tent to flower down the road…being still in veg should I add the 65 for now (or the 100 might be too much currently?) for the 2x4 I would then have 2 and can add another…like the idea of multiple lights for overlap

You can veg with 20 w of good led but need more like 40 for flower, to develop really dense buds. If you go to a 2x4 of course everything would double. How you want to grow will determine how many plants you can do at a time. Welcome to the ILGM forum, I think you will like it here!

Thanks @Holmes. I’ll shoot more towards 40.

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i started with a 2x2 and a mars ts1000 at about 50%. i grew some great buds. I am now in a 2x4 with 2 mars ts1000s and still have to keep them turned down some or burn my plants. if you are staying in the 2x2 You have enough light. but if you up grade to a 2x4 you will need more light.

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If you use 600w hps would that be what is advisable for a 3x3 area

Just running leds. Got 2 HLG 100’s and the TS600 at about 18” all seems good although getting up around 83* F those lights give off some heat!

More light generally leads to more heat. I keep my temperatures between 75 F and 84 F with 77 F being the target.

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I have a 2x2x4 tent with 3 24 watt LEDs. I just started an autoflower a few days ago and have the little girl about 2 inches from the light 24/7 right now.
Better lights have been recommended but, it is what it is on the maiden grow. We’ll see how she fares with the coming weeks.

I have 30 super lemon haze and I have a room 16x16 so how many lights

Do you plan on growing them straight up? All from veg thru flower ? Using entire area you would need like 11,000 watts give or take a little, that is a lot of light!

depends on how you choose to do it, 17 or 18 HLG 600s would do it but you may want to go with smaller fixture for better placement!

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So I need 18 light which is a lot more than planned I was hoping to run 12 lights really

Would I be better to loose a few planys

Actually you are lighting the area, so the more plants you can fit in there the better as long as you got good air flow and environmentals !

That would be a little under 30w sqft, would work, not sure about how well until you get the hang of using them!
Have you thought about strips or cobs?

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Check out this video

Strips or cobs?