Light choice on early autoflower grow, Florida

Good morning, Starting a auto grow here in Florida, going to start plants under a 1000w led panel.
My current outdoor daylength is appox 11.5/12.5. What would be your choice of lighting??
1: Move plants outside as soon as established under the lights.
2: Continue using 1000W indoor led 20-24hrs a day.

Not sure which might produce the best bud/quantity.
Going to do a second round of autos along with regular seeds, which I plan on moving out into natural
light, but probably in April. Thanks for your input.

Welcome @Growerdave !

If you want a quicker grow, keep them under the LED 20/4. Not sure about growing outside but I do know some people bring them back and forth. Iā€™d personally do one and stick with it. You can always start a new batch as seedlings and bring them outside for veg/flower? Then compare the two.

While there is no replicating mother sun, outdoor grows need more attention to pests and other factors which you have little to no control over. Indoors you are the master of all environmental factors.

Plants should have a dark period to rest and process the energy being taken in. As @OooWee1184 suggested with 20/4. First grow ran 18/6 during veg and 12/12 during flower (save some money on energy bills). My second currently running 18/6 start to finish.

Best of luck.

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Thanks, I think I will do a batch under the lights , and the second batch light to establish and finish under natural light when the day length get a little longer toward the end of April.

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Nice. Keep posted on progress.