Light choice for growing the seedling and beyond

Hello All, I just put my seedling that came through the soil this morning under a light. I am doing a 20/4 cycle. It gives me options to choose blue for vegetation, red for flowering or full spectrum. It’s an auto flower and I have it under the blue option. Should I keep it there or just go full spectrum?

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Autos grow so fast it is probably best to go full spectrum for entire grow. That is what I would do. :wink:

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This newbie thanks you. Since it’s now come through the soil, should I continue to hit it with the sprayer or start using a water can?

I would cut a clear 1 liter clear soda bottle and use it as a dome. Mist the inside of it with water, they don’t need much. They get all there water thru there leaves. @Lightyear


I don’t cover mine, I just water them a little bit, and don’t water them again until I’m positive it’s dry.