Light changing good or bad

So I changed my 600watt hps in my 2x4 for a Mars hydro ts1000 and ts600 combo it’s my 1st indoor grow think I’ll be ok there going on 4th week of flower it was a heat thing is why

Well you are going down in light levels with only 250 watts of LED’s that need 50 watts/square foot to properly flower your plants out. That said; a 600 watt HPS light is way too much for a 2 X 4: you should be fine.

Right on thanks I was hoping so cause I just bought both Mars hydro this month and my old lady gave me a sideways look if they didn’t work she would have a right to get on to me then

So what should I use my 600hps in I also have a 1000 watt HPS I bought them used but don’t know how to use them I been trying think I’ll stick with led in summer and hps in winter do you have anything on this