Light burnt out, in the dark until Wednesday

A question from a fellow grower:

I need your help. My 600 watt light burnt out. It was a problem as I did not k w and I was using a HD set up. I just bought a HPS bulb which is due Wednesday. Mean time they are in the dark.
I read in one of your sites that dark is better than light ti disrupt the cycle. It will be back on on Wednesday. Do I have any problems?

First we all need to know how long the light has been out for.
Then what growth their in. Are they vegging or flower. If vegging I would say you should be ok.
If flower you will just go back to where you left off and you should be ok just keep an eye on her to see if she got stressed.
Hope this helps.


You are just going to have to wait and see. I strongly advise that you get some type of back lamp for the future. If you are in bloom cycle it will be better than if you were in veg…

I think I see what you mean Lakewood. The plant will thank it’s going into flower when it really isn’t this maybe causing stress…a!m I close…


Hi Will going away for 1 night have no timer and I have 4 plants in 11 weeks old and 1 plant 4 weeks flowering do I keep the one I flowering in dark and keep those I veg in light

Yes that’s what I would do. I think you’ll be fine
As long as it’s one night.

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