Light burned leaves

Hey guys…back again…now I started my royal gorrila auto in a make shift cupboard…worked really well…too well and she put grew my cupboard…but got a little light burned before my tent arrived…should I remove the yellow spotted leafs or just let her carry on? Thanks again!


Are you sure that is light burn? I’ve seen it a few times but that looks much more like a nute issue to me… not saying it isn’t light burn but what makes you believe that it is?
Edit the reason I ask is because I see calcium deficiency even in the lower leafs has that been addressed?


Red stems can be an indicator of a “sunburn” and the fact the all of your leaves that are yellow are on top could definitely be light burn but could also be ph issues… I’ve had light burn a few times but it only effected a couple of the upper most leafs and they went from yellowing to a crisp in no time at all. If it’s a ph issue it’s getting pretty severe unless it has been corrected if it’s light burn you will probably lose those leafs and those are your bud builders right there


If not already you might consider adding a little Cal Mag. Also next time you water to runoff check your PPM , could possibly be a little low.


I use calmag with every feed…as the water here is pretty soft and I’m using biobizz soil with biobizz grow, bloom and top max…its only the top of the plant that’s been effected as my light was really close for a while but couldn’t do anything about it until the tent arrived yesterday, iv googled loads and found a pic that looked identical to the issue I was having and it was light burned so I assumed i had the same issue…our water is 7.5 here…im quite new to this so would that go up with adding nutes to the water? I’m confused now! :sob:

The stems are red on top and green on the bottom…another reason I believe it was light burn!

just a quick update…moved lights away and checked my ph…shes still alive and growing slowly…Christmas smoke is still on point!!! :christmas_tree::maple_leaf::dash::rofl: