Light burn, over water, or paranoid old man?

8 inches by 7 inches deep. I haven’t done it yet as I’m a first time grower. However, the way you explained is exactly what I was going to do. So, you think they can go into net pots at this point? Thanks man!

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Your secret is safe with me @bryan.


Definitely I would wait a bit to put in a pot that size. Move em into clear Solo cup with seedling soil and let roots grow bigger first. Then move to netpots in 2 weeks PS… ya can’t see rooting w/o a clear cup


Pfuzz gets like 2lbs a harvest, and Bryan can turn a turd into a full fledged hydro setup, I can’t compete with that lol


Neither can I, but you’re ahead of me! You at least have a hydro grown plant. I got nothing but soil. Lol. @TDubWilly

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@TDubWilly @peachfuzz @bryan @Covertgrower
So, I don’t think this is the line green new growth I’m looking for. I’ve seen in another thread this is caused by low pH. Mine is actually high now, around 6.1 via test strip. I’ve got a pH pen and adjusting solutions on the way. I also went from 25% nutes to 50%. I believe that’s when the pH jumped. I’m planning on a water change Wednesday. Should I go ahead and do it today?
Any other thoughts?
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24 hrs. of light can be done but I’ve read and found that 19 hrs. is best suited for stable growth without anomalies.
Using clear cups covered by black cups (cup in a cup) gives you a window into the root system without chancing root damage by unnecessary and premature removal for inspection. The black outer cup prohibits light damage to the root system. I also cut out black plastic circular medium covers to keep moisture in, light out, and stops nutrient robbing moss from forming on the medium surface, it’s good practice to keep the hydroponic solution away from both light and air exposure, evaporation can drive up the PPM’s and light can cause green slime to form in any clear or open reserves, including clear feed tubing, it’s the main reason why all professional horticulture materials are black.
pH fluctuation even within the desired parameters can cause plant stress, the plant grows acclimated to any given soil/medium conditions, changing those conditions stresses the plant to change what it’s accustom and adjusted to.
just my 2 cents…

@GoneFission not a hydro expert, but you can adjust your ph and continue with the res change on Wednesday.

Try not to overthink things, the seedlings look ok. Ya might drop a humidity dome on for a couple days.

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Thanks for the feedback. Ya’ll are great. I’m just a nervous Papa.


So how are things going ?

They took a turn for worse. They seem to be turning around. I’ve got another thread going called What is Happening to My Girls. They look like this now.
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