Light burn or something else? White Widows

Hey guys just wanted some opinions on this bleaching that has started on the top of my white widows lately?

They are growing in organic soil, water gets PH’d to 6.5-6.8 and they are on day 55 of flowering, wasn’t sure if it’s just started using the nutes in the leaves as it’s getting towards the end or not but they got top dressed with earthworm Castings and Gaia Green bloom about 2 weeks ago.

Running ipower Hps 600wat about 22" (moved it up 2 days ago when I noticed the bleaching)

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Tried to avoid the HPS light as its hard to see the discolouring, let me know if you need more pics

What products are you feeding and do you know your runoff pH and PPM numbers?


It’s organic soil that I mixed up from a base and with Gaia Green nutrients, then top dressed with earthworm Castings and Gaia Green power bloom 2 weeks ago.

PH the water with lemon juice after aerating the chlorine out and that’s about it, every now and then I would add molasses to the water for the microbes and the co2.

I haven’t checked Runoff yet but can do when I’m home later along with a slurry test

Basically if you’ve ever watched Mr Canuck on YT, my organic soil mix is the same as his recipe

If I had to guess, from the one pic this looks closest to natural light, I’d say, yes I would suspect light bleaching, but it is very hard to tell, it could be a nutrient issue.


It does look like bleaching from the light. Could also be light on nutrients or ph at the root level is off causing lockout


So turns out my light was a lot closer than I thought along with a heavy power strip cable leaning on it that sort of tilted it so the light would be more focused on the bleaching plant.

That may have been the issue, I’ve now adjusted that but my runoffs Ppm were in the 8000’s and my soil pH for both plants is around 7.3 at the moment which is a bit high.

The only other thing I could think of was that I used some water that had the molasses sitting in it for a few days and it was a bit stinky but the plants got it anyway, hopefully thats nothing though and that can be flushed with clean water over the next few feedings.


I think you may be right sir

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You lost me at Mr Canuck. :joy:

That’s helpful :+1: