Light burn or nutrient issue 🤔

Howdy folks, started second grow, following the nutrient amounts to the T , noticed the leaves had markings just now that were not there this morning . I raised the light a few inches . Need some advice . Just started week 3 however have not yet added the resin . :pray:

What’s your input? What’s your output? What nutes are you adding and when? Got a log? What medium is that? How long have they been in it? Was it hot to begin with?

From looking at it your input is off and your killing your plant slowly. Now how can we fix this issue? Add input

Judging by serrations of leaf edge this has been going on for a while

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In perlite, watering every second day . 14 days since germination

EC and PH is always spot on

this photo taken two days ago, not hot , been averaging 24 degrees inside the tent . Light is 20/4

Ec and ph are spot on what?

Nitrogen seems low in that nutrient line up as well

Might as well fill out a support ticket

Your not supplementing cal/mag?

When I mix the nutrients and water , water temp is always around 20 degrees

Well done it’s thoroughly mixed. You need to know the parts per million/ total dissolved salts/ electrical conductivity of the actual input

Along with the ph before you add to your soil

If your not within parameters for your substrate you will take the ability for the plant to intake that nutrient

Was going to start adding cal mag next water , noticed the leaves had changed hence the questions . Only second grow and learning as I go , am not an expert .

Cal mag is an every watering thing. Some nutrient lines give small portions that will get you past seedling stage but not enough for a growing / full size plant


Cal/mag won’t cause the yellow leaf tho, it will create brown spots, you still gotta figure out what’s causing the yellowing

I’d say your nutrient line isn’t strong enough to support this type of plant, or it’s too weak of an input for it.

Ph and ppm/tds testers would be beneficial

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Ok thanks, I’ll add it every water , do you think I should maintain the current nutrient levels according to the manual or back off a bit . My hydro guy is an hour drive away, I’ll go and see him tomorrow. Was just hoping for input from regular growers. Thanks for your help

No one can tell you to add or back off without knowing the correct information of what your actually adding

Ok, thanks for your help

Perlite and what else…

hydro guy is an hour drive away, I’ll go and see him
Can Hydro guy come see you? Hands on with your plants would be best. Also dump the water/ph probe they don’t give very acccurate readings.

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