Light burn, or nutrient issue? or?

1st ever grow seems to have gone well so far but I seem to have what I am thinking (hoping) is mostly a minor issue, but paranoia commands me to get some other opinions. Flipped the lights over to 12/12 on 6/18 and sex became apparent on about 7/3 on a male plant that I removed from the tent, leaving me with this one that showed herself as female about a week later around 7/10. The issue I’m seeing is the tips of most of her upper leaves, and some lower ones are yellowing. (just the tips)…and here are my details…Pics to follow.

  • bag seed
  • Roots Original Organic soil
  • Tidy Cat kitty litter bucket with plenty of drain holes drilled (6 gallon volume)
  • PH of water between 6.5 to 7.0 (using drops and vial so it’s hard for me to be exact)
    PH of runnoff seems to match the 6.0 color on the chart exactly
  • PPM/TDS N/A? Using Dyna-Grow Bloom every other watering, and watering every 2 or 3 days
  • Indoor basement grow in a 24"x30"x67" tent
  • Apollo 240W led @ 18" over tops
  • Temps; 79-80 Day, 73-74 Night
  • Humidity; Basement makes it difficult to keep the humidity down but it’s running between 47% and 51%
  • Ventilation system; 4" Ipower fan with cannister filter
  • AC No…Humidifier-No…De-humidifier- Floor model running 24/7 on the other end of the basement, and an Eva-Dry E500 renewable hanging in the tent,
  • Co2; No

Once she is harvested I have some GDP and WW seeds that I’m going to try. This was just a trial run to try and learn a bit before diving in with seeds I paid $$ for.

Any opinions and or helpful hints will be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Shleprock Its the fine line. She got burned a little but not enough to do any damage. I would check your ppm and be careful on your next feeding.


Plants looking good ! Nute burn is very minimal. What PPM in are you feeding?


I was not at all paying attention to PPM, but I just returned from the local shop with a meter and checked my city tap water I am using and it shows 477 ppm, and with the 1/2 tsp of Dyna-Gro Bloom in a gallon of water my feed water shows 610 ppm. After reading some on checking PPM I have a couple questions on testing the soil. I read in Bergmans grow guide on the subject that to check the soil I need to take some soil from around the roots. I assume this does not mean just scooping some from the surface of the pot, but what is the best method for getting this soil with the least chance of damage to the roots. Also, since this appears to be more a nutrient issue than my lighting, could I lower my light some or should I wait until I get this issue straightened out? Currently have it at 18" above the tops. I was planning on trying to run it at 12" over the tops once it started to flower but when the tips started to yellow I bumped it up from 14 to 18" thinking maybe my light was too close. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. No font can express how much it is appreciated!

@Shleprock 12 inchs sounds a little close for me. Also what kind of light? The best way to get a PPM reading is water your plant till you get a runoff out the bottom catch in a bowl or dish and use your meter and check the water. Also it would be a good time for you to do run off if you’ve never checked it. I’ve used Dyna Gro for a long time. Use your meter to check your water after you mix nutes to feed see what the PPM you are feeding. also use ph up to get back to The Sweet Spot of 6.5 pH . The nutes mixed in water will drive pH Down. Hope that helps

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the light = Apollo Horticulture GL80LED Full Spectrum 240W LED

I mixed a gallon of water with 1/2 tsp of dyna-gro Bloom (this is what I’ve been using on feedings) and it tested at 610 ppm on the meter. When I check the ph of this mix it shows to be right about 6.5… I’m using test drops and a vial so it’s not exact, but it sure looks to be right at the color shown for 6.5 on the chart. My plain tap water ph looks to be somewhat above 6.5 but below 7.0 according to the color chart

I checked the ph of my runoff yesterday and it was @ 6.0

I’m going to just give her water for the next couple of waterings. I’ll check the ppm of the runoff on my next watering. I’m also going to lower my light down to 16" and see how she responds.

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That light is drawing 140 watts. In my experience with you can pretty much go as close as you want with that thing and you won’t hurt them. Had a 105 watt cheap led four inches from my seedlings to stop stretch and didn’t hurt them. just go an inch closer every day and observe. Pull back if you see signs of stress. Like you said though maybe wait for the nute issue to clear up so you can identify any problems.


If growing is something that you think you’re going to continue. I do recommend buying a quality pH meter Apera and blue lab makes a good digital meter. Dyna-gro has a feed chart. Also in the future if you do upgrade lights lots of people here to help you choose the right light for your space.

Watered her today (just my plain tap water) and the runoff showed 1320 ppm. & about 6.0 for the ph

I most certainly plan on continuing to grow and at some point I will definitely upgrade my lighting. Being on a very limited budget makes it hard to get all the top bells and whistles all at once. I had read elsewhere some good things about Apollo Horticulture as a decent budget LED so I went with that to start. I know lighting is key, but considering my funds, or lack there of, I was unable to start out with top shelf lighting. I feel as though for now it should be good enough to get me a crop or 3, and once I have saved up for a better light I hope to know far more about what I’m doing.

I had already checked out the Dyna-gro feed chart and it’s quite different than what they put on the side of their bottles, which leads me to wonder what is really best…Also, the feed chart states it is “based off of soil with no nutrients” which to a newbie like me is also a bit confusing. Would the Roots Original Organic soil that I’m using be considered a soil with no nutrients? It has bat guano, worm castings and other stuff that I would think = nutrients…or by them saying “soil with no nutrients” are they just meaning a soil without the time release crap like miricle grow has…So many variables and I’m really trying not to over think it all, but I seem to do that about everything…lol

Also, a decent ph meter is in the plans once the budget allows. For now a friend of mine is going to loan me his budget Apera that he was using before he upgraded to a better one. I’ll be getting that from him this weekend.

I am having issues as well. Trying to start a new post and can’t figure it out.

using fox farm ocean soil and fox farms nutes half strength 2 750 hps in a 4x8 tent

can someone tell me what is going on with the leaves