Light Burn or Nutrient deficiency?

Leaves started yellowing and turning black :frowning:
Is this from a light burn or nutrient deficiency?

Honestly I would probably say both. More info is needed. But definitely light burn for sure.

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Can I light burn happen when the temps aren’t above 26C? The tent sits at 21-26C and the surface temp of the top flowers are 25.2C

Yup…I have some light burn on my big girl because she is to close to the lights.

This is light burn in the black circle.

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Okay cool, thank you! Yeah my light is closer to the plants than normal because my surface temp was still at 25C so I thought it would be good to go

Dont worry about surface temp, worry about room temp. Adjust lighting for intensity.

Yeah the room temp is at 21-26C, humidity 45-55 and surface temp 25C. So I put my light closer thinking more light more growth.

I also don’t use any nutrients. Just compost brews and water so I’m thinking they are nutrient deprived also.

More light normally equals less internode spacing until you burn your plants. Less light gives more elongation. The idea is to try to hit the happy medium. I see guys with super short ultra bushy plants and immediately think mold and lack of airflow. They look sweet but arent ideal for light penetration either. That said, some genetics is super bushy or tall and open, but light definitely plays a part.

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Imo you had a nutrient or ph issue. The bottom of plant looks similar to top. If your leaves were already damaged that would make them more susceptible to light damage after the fact.

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