Light burn or lack of water?


I last watered my plant Friday night and left the lights on till earlier today (Tuesday) approx 72 hours of constant light… I had to? out of town in an emergency and had no way to take care of my plant when I was gone… I watered it today with some fox farm nutrient… I put a few drops in some water and PHed it at around 6.5 and watered it. Based on the pic… Do. You think it was too much light or not enough water? Or both?


off the cuff I would say you need to get her in a bigger pot.


she doesn’t appear to be light burned or under watered I am inclined to agree she may want some room to grow


OK… Thanks for the replies… I’ll put her in a bigger pot tomorrow then


Keep you light cycle consistent, either use a timer or leave it 24/7 for best results

  • good luck


My timer just came in today… So 24 hours of constant light is better than like say 18 hr light and 4 or darkness?


You guys were right about needing a bigger pot… There was a whole mess of white stringy roots at the bottom of the dirt when I removed it from the 8oz cup and transfered it to a 16 oz cup.

So the bottom leaves should turn back to its green color in a couple of days?


You should have transplanted her into her final home if not something way bigger less transplants less stress on your plant


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This is a pic to show you what it is that’s wrong with your plants

Problems with Nitrogen being locked out by PH troubles.
Waterlogged soil and Soil with low organic matter.

Nitrogen is a very important element in the plant, all of them are but some are more important than others. For soil the best ph to have is 6.8. Why? Because at 6.8, that’s the best number for ALL available nutrients to be absorbed into the plant without any of them being locked out. For hydro and soil less mediums best ph to have is around 5.8.
Try not to keep your plants to cold, because the cold temps will cause the nitrogen harder for the plant to be absorbed.

PH levels for Nitrogen:

Soil levels
Nitrogen gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 4.0- 5.5.
Nitrogen is absorbed best in soil at a ph level of 6.0-8.0. ( wouldn’t recommend having a ph of over 7.0 in soil) best range to have nitrogen is a ph of 6-7. Anything out of that range will contribute to a nitrogen def.

Hydro and Soil less Mediums
Nitrogen gets locked out of Hydro, Soil less mediums at the levels of 4.5-5.0.
Nitrogen has the best absorption rate at a ph of 5.5 to 8.0
(Wouldn’t recommend having a ph over 6.5 in hydro and soil less mediums.) Best range to have Nitrogen is: 5.0-7.0. Anything out of that range will contribute to a nitrogen def.

Solution to fixing a Nitrogen deficiency

Avoid excessive ammonium nitrogen, which can interfere with other nutrients. Too much N delays flowering. Plants should be allowed to become N-deficient late in flowering for best flavor.
A goof solid N-P-K ratio will fix any nitrogen deficiency. Any chemical or organic fertilizers that have Nitrogen in them will fix a nitrogen deficiency., Peters all purpose plant food 20-20-20 is good, Miracle grow All purpose plant food, Miracle grow Tomato plant food, (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients, or it will cause nutrient burn!) as well and blood meal! If you need to give your plants a quick solution to nitrogen and you want to use blood meal, I suggest making it into a tea for faster use, where blood meal is slow acting, but when made into a tea it works quicker! Other sources of nitrogen are dried blood, Cotton seed meal which is slow acting, Insect eating bat guano which is fast acting. Bone meal which is a gradual absorption when not made into a tea.( also excellent source of phosphorus). Fish Meal Or Fish Emulsion is a good source of nitrogen and is medium acting. Worm castings, which is gradual absorption. Seabird guano, All purpose Millennia Seabird guano, Orginal Seabird guano All Purpose, Crabshell ,which is slow absorption. Fox Farm Grow Big, which is fast acting. ( can bring down your ph as well)
Here are a list of things that help fix a Nitrogen Deficiency:

Chemical Nutrients

Advanced nutrients Grow (2-1-6)
Vita Grow (4-0-0),
BC Grow(1.2-3.2-6.5)
GH Flora Grow (2-1-6)
GH Maxi grow (10-5-14)
GH floraNova grow (7-4-10),
Dyna gro Grow (7-9-5)

Hope this helps if you need more info. I got the fix LSO



Thanks for the reply Garrigan… The ph run off of the soil is 6.5. And I did water it with fox farms grow big which has a higher ratio of N over PK. Hopefully this fix my problem.

I’m using miracle grow soil ATM, that’s all I could find. When the fox farm soil arrives ill use that to transplant to my final pot


Do 18on 6 off on your timer you should be just fine after you get a bigger pot @Edward7983 good luck


Will do… Thanks


If you’re using mg, don’t feed them extra. It’s already very hot soil. Overwatering will add extra nutes as it is water released. Garrigans is right on point.

They will go bonkers when you get them into FF soil and you can better regulate the ppm.


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Possibly too much water, but I agree that you need to transplant into at least a 1 gallon pot for veg :slight_smile:


Speaking of pots… I have a new question, so instead of starting a new thread I’ll use this one…

OK so I have 2 bag seeds growing… P. S. It’s my first attempt… Any way I have one is a plastic 3 1/2 gallon bucket pot and its perfect… So I ordered some 3 gal fabric pots from Amazon by the brand of 24 /7 garden… They don’t look three gallons to me… Did I get screwed in a way ? I was planning on running 2 ww autos when my ilgm seeds arrive


Fabric pots tend to be wider and shorter and they base size by exact capacity plastic bags tall and narrow and with room to spare a 3 gal bag can be filled to the top and likely hold almost a gallon more than they state


I got a 7 gallon fabric pot that looked a lot smaller than I expected but it held almost twice what my plastic 4 gallon does


Thanks for the replies guys… Since autos don’t grow for too long I should be fine with 3 gal fab pits right?


You should be just fine in that . A lot of guys grow in 3 gallon pot especially autos . I wouldnt go any smaller though