Light Burn on Outdoor Grow

In advance sorry if this is a repost. Lots on info on light burn as far as indoor grow but I have been experiencing some issues with an outdoor grow. Plants have been in the sun next to an open window for a while. Potted and moved outside in a well lit area just a few days ago. Now leaves are browning? Bleaching? some are turned up some are turned down. I just don’t know where to go. Nothing scientific with this grow just planted in compost same as they were started in. Just want to catch this early before it gets any worse.

Any help is appreciated.

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  • Strawberry Cough/ Gold Leaf
  • Method: Soil/compost
  • Vessels: Fabric Pot’s
  • PH of Water, unsure plus outdoors so there has been some rain
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - no nutrients since I repotted and they have gone into new soil
  • Outdoor
  • Natural light
  • Temps; Day: 80F high Night:48F has been the lowest at night
  • Humidity; Day 70% Night 70% with wind
  • Ventilation system; N/A
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, N/A
  • Co2; n/a

Welcome to ILGM! The transplant and cool nights might have upset them, but it looks like the start of a magnesium deficiency to me. And maybe slightly hungry, overall. Is your compost very hot? I’d try a light feeding with a good calcium/magnesium supplement, and see if they look better. The damaged leaves won’t “heal,” watch the new growth.

There are plenty of friendly, helpful people here. Don’t be afraid to fire away with any questions you have! :v:

I know this is the generic response, but your soil looks wet and is lacking aeration.

In short, I think there is a coincidence with moving outside and wet feet.

I have to assume its a combinations of the hot/cool weather we experienced immediately following transplant as well as the wind we got as well. The compost I am using should be great growing medium as the rest of our garden is in it as well and is doing great. I will however look into calcium and magnesium as my organic fertilizer solution I have been using is lacking both of these items. As for now I have them if a slightly more shady cool space to hopefully slow down the damage so that the plants can get over this hurdle.

Thanks for the input.

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The soil is wet, over wet I am sure as my knee jerk reaction was to water as the soil dried faster than I had anticipated in the fabric pots and the weather being as warm as it was. We went from mid 60s to mid 80s the day after I transplanted and put out full time. I will be sure to let them dry a bit before I do any more watering and hope that they can get past this lesson I have had to learn.

Thanks for the input.