Light burn on first set of clones, try to save them or dump them?

Ive got 30 clones, my very first which i burned with the led lights and are stunted because they were in solo cups too long. Should I attempt to save time and dump them or try to save them. Im out of tent space and i have 35 healthy clones in the aerocloner which have super long roots ready to be replanted into containers/soil.

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If you already have more healthy back ups ditdh them and move along

I figured i should, so hard to kill things i spent so long on though.

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Trust me i get it i tossed a bunch of clones sense my light schedule got messed up and they started to flower in solo cups shit happens bit like i said if you have more than you need screw it lol ot gets easier the more ya toss haha

Tbh no such thing.

Up-potting would solve any “stunt” they seem to have.

If you’re out of room, that’s one thing, and it’s time to evaluate which clones were phenotypes worth saving (good bud, easy to grow, etc), versus plants you just cloned to get cloning practice. I toss mediocre plants as soon as the mother flowers out and is meh - either in structure or potency - but save the ones who are worthwhile. I keep them in solo cups to keep them smaller, but don’t think I don’t have 4-5 clones in solo cups that are approaching 4 feet tall.