Light burn? humidity issue? Nute issue?

-Auto flower Gorilla glue, critical purple, ak47
-Age of plant 13 weeks from sprout
-Method: DWC with 4 air stones
-Vessels: Plastic tote
-PH 5.87
-PPM of nutrient solution 711
Nutrients are fox farm trio (switching to jacks or mantis soon) as per feeding schedule with 1tsp/gal calimagi, 1 tsp/gal hydroguard.
-Method used to measure PH and TDS - pH and ppm meters
-Indoor size of grow space 4 x 3
-Light system LED HLG 320XL
-Actual wattage draw of lights currently 100 as its dimmed all the way down.
-Current Light Schedule 12 on 12 off
-Temps; 70
-Humidity; 50%@ base 40% above canopy
-Ventilation system; 1 Box fan 2X clipFans
-Co2; No
If growing Hydro some additional questions:
-Distance of liquid below net pot = 0.5 inch, massive root balls in bath
-Temperature of reservoir 59
-TDS of nutrient solution 711
-Amount of air to solution tons of air

So i recently switched my light from crap blurple to HLG 320XL, i have the new light dimmed down as far as it goes and its 21 inches above the highest cola. Hand test doesn’t feel warm above highest cola.
PPFD is 219 using photone app with diffuser etc.
DLI is 9.46 @ 12 hour on off… which is low as F for weed correct?
should be 40-50 correct?

My leaves are crispy as fudge at the top and nice in the middle and lower etc. What the heck am i doing wrong. What should i do about the light? The top leaves are literally crumbling to dust and the inside/middle/bottom looks/feels normal. Is my humidity too low?

full disclosure i had a recent disaster with nutrient burn etc which should be resolved as i have done 2 flushes and keeping nutrients at 700 ish ppm. The bulk of the plants seen are the AK47(middle plant) the GG and Crit Purple have lagged way behind and will need more time to grow.

I know next time i will do a grow journal so i don’t post 14 different issues and people can understand where we have been etc and yes i know i suck at defoliation.

Lastly I’ve obtained some silica to add to my res should i start adding this late in the grow or wait till next time?

Thanks again for any and all assistance.

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And yes i know i suck at growing… absolute disaster this has been

2 out of My sour diesel autos started to show signs of chlorosis when they kept growing towards the light. I’m using the mars Hydro TS 3000 and I thought it was 300 W but it’s not it’s 450.