Light Burn at Start of Flowering?

Strain: East Coast Alien
Lights: BESTVA Elite 2000W COB
Tent Size: 2x4
DWC Bubble Bucket

I’m having issues with Light Burn (I Think) in my tent, unfortunately, I let my plants veg a bit too tall (30/40 days) and then in the last 2 weeks while transitioning to flower, thet got taller which meant i need to tie em’ down a bit using a scrog net so they didn’t get close to the lights. They were looking amazing, but after a week this started to appear. I seem to have mediated by pulling the branches down, but all the nice natural bud sites i had to move a bit. My light can’t go higher, my plants can’t get lower. Is there anything i can do to A. Ensure this is light burn and B. Mediate the light burn knowing that.


Light burn looks like.