Light Brands and wattage output

the sites to buy the supplies get confusing, lol… from what I gather…multiple controllers are needed to make a high powered light right?? The Ma have me a little confused,…as to how they convert to watts…could not really find much about watts… I was thinking I would need like 5 1000 ma controllers in order to make a good light

I dont mind helping
if you think you have it but are not sure paste and copy the parts and pm it to me or post here and I will check
Or work out the area and how much light you want and I can give you an idea of what you need and where its cheapest atm

Im sure youve posted a million times where to find all the parts lol one more time please
Thank you

KingBrite on Alibaba is where I get my parts


All that depends what % you run the chips at
3590s run at (Max) 3000ma or .3a so you can give them 3000ma and get the full 100w of light from it but it was get very hot and will not last too long (6 months ish) when you supply less milliamps to the chip it runs at a lower wattage, uses less power but you still keep some of the light you would of had with 3000ma this is where the efficiency comes from. Running more hardware at a lower wattage will cost less to run for the same light. So you could run a 10 foot tent on 250W of power and have more light then a 1000w Gavida but it would cost more in parts to make. Running at 1050ma the life of the chip would be 30 years too and even then they say it will only be 5% or so down.
The sweet spot for light verses cost is the 1400ma range for this chip and the 3070s but if you have the cash 1050 is better for long term setups or growing to sell. My next build will be 3590s in 3500 and I will run them at 750 ish and this will cover a 8 foot by 8 foot area I have. I am also thinking of adding 2 4000 3590s on a switch with 2 of the 3500 3590s for veg this would be ablit like swaping from HPS to Metal Helite for veg

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I would be fine with that. If it’s after a proper cure, we’ll enjoy some of mine as well.

Yeah…all the technicalities of it can be more daunting than Latin sometimes.

I will make sure to check with you once I’m sure of the dimensions I will be going with. I’m hoping to get a 6’x5’ footprint, but I’ll get with you once I know.

Thanks again for the help you bring to the forum…