Light Brands and wattage output


Can u guys give me sum good brands 2 choose from? I’m gonna get a 600w LED now or mayb 1000w if I can find 1 under $100. Plus talk my wife n2 it lol. Also has nebody ever ordered the ones that come from china??? They look just as good and r dirt cheep u can get a 1600w lite for $120!!! But I’m ordering today so I can have it ASAP but I would like sum advice b4 I commit 2 one. Thanks. BTW it’s for 5 Northern Light auto flowering plants I had outside. It’s to cold out at nite now so I’m bringing them inside and there no were close 2 being done. Only 8-10 inches max. Need lite AND HELP ASAP!!!


IMO you will not find a good light with that wattage under a hundred bucks… again IMO the best you can do for under a hundred would be the MarsHydro 300W…$79 each on amazon and I have heard some get them for $60 on ebay… so maybe buy a pair of them on ebay if you can do it… they run between 135 and 140 actual watts so two of them will get you about 275 actual watts…with led lights about 26 watts per square foot is recommended Vs the 50 watts per square foot with HiD lights.
most of those high watt low price leds are misleading on what their actual wattage is… many of the 1200w I see are only about 280 actual watts and they do not always hit the proper light spectrums to be beneficial to your plants. The Mars has been grow room tested and has proven itself to produce some top quality buds… it is the lowest I would go for starting out…and a pair of them is actually what I have in my amazon cart right now.
the meizhi look decent and are a couple bucks cheaper, but right now the vast majority of their reviews are paid reviews so for me the jury is still out on them.


MarsHydro is the best brand for LED.


That 1600w light you’re speaking of, probably only actually uses 200-300w. It’s NOT worth using. Many of the LEDs out there lie about their wattage and info. Just ask @iva, he’s said it over and over. If a company is trying to use wattage as a selling point for LEDs, then you know it’s probably not a good light.

I’d go with trusted brands personally. Also, if you wait another month or so prices will continue to drop. But remember, when looking at LEDs there’s much more to investigate than what you first see on the webpage.


Hi @Nlights
If you are looking at buying one link it to me and I will tell you what it is, I have pulled alot of them apart for a friend
Alot of sellers have made cheap lights and added their own numbers (most false) to tell you what you want to here
If its a deal to good to be true it is not true, Avoid the cheap lights with names that are hard to find if you search for reviews and not one ones where they have just turned it on and say its the best light in the world only to disappear never to be seen again, (ppl doing reviews with in 1 or 2 crops with the light annoy me some even do it the same day)
Some sellers make their own false reviews and even use HPS to grow then put the LED over the plants then start recording lol
Be careful there are lots of ppl that want your money and are willing to get it under false pretenses of selling you a 1000w light that is really closer to a 300w.

Stick with known brands
you cant go wrong with mars leds they are cheap, work well and they stand behind their product so if it fails you can get it fixed or replaced


I already bought one. It was amazons best buy. I compared it to the Mars
hydro and the Galaxy hydro. They used the same LEDs just about everything
was the same I just liked this 1 more it had aluminum case and bigger fans
n it. Let me know if I got a good 1. Plus with Amazon it wil b here Monday
and I need it ASAP!

Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg
and Flower


I love my Mars Hydro 600’s i run two at a time they have worked really good i think one of the 600’s would be a good start for you but i just read you ordered so best wishes keep us up to date on your grow


Yea I got 4 kids and the plant I work at just shut down. Next year I’ll buy
another 600w lite


Starting out the 300w clones are cheap and work well and if you can get a second you will do really well but with one you will still get good amount for yourself
When feeding only mix your nutes at around half strength your plant will not use more then that and you will salt up faster and waste the other half down the drain. The directions are based on perfect conditions, 1000w of light and recycle system.


@Iva never hit specs on Advance or Apache Tech tells me this is the real deal ?


There isnt much difference between the expensive and cheap LEDs well not enogh for the price differnce anyway.
They all use the same LEDs most of the time (Not the really cheap ones they tend to use cheaper batches that didnt pass QC) and some drivers alot of the time. I have never seen a meanwell driver in a shop led before
Some have nice looking reflectors or cases but inside they are the same. This isnt all leds but is correct for most
Most leds will outlast a warranty but its still nice to have.
Most well known brands have a quality level to uphold thats why I always recommend well known brands
Alot of the cheaper unknown brands are just after the sales and do not worry about word of mouth or returning customers because there are always new growers that see the price and think its a great deal wrongly trusting the false claims of the flashy ad.
In 6-12 months they will change their shop front name and get the next wave of new growers.
I am unable to get Advance or Apache here but I can get Kind leds.
I have opened up a Kind and the parts in there are the same as lower priced ones but they are the water proofed ones.
Dont get me wrong they tend to be better LEDs with a fuller over all spectrum but still I think they are over priced for what they are. Almost $3k here for the big one is way too much.
I do like the built in timer in the kinds and I want to add some thing like that to my next build
Sun rise and twilight sound cool + the faster change over to flower too.


I seen a video that was posted by MacG and a guy built his own Led and his design was out performing the Apache Tech in a side by side grow with only white lights , but the quality of the lights and the warranty is worth the investment I believe .


October 15

Starting out the 300w clones are cheap and work well and if you can get a
second you will do really well but with one you will still get good amount
for yourself
When feeding only mix your nutes at around half strength your plant will
not use more then that and you will salt up faster and waste the other half
down the drain. The directions are based on perfect conditions, 1000w of
light and recycle system.

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I got my light n the mail. The plants love it!!! There 10 shades greener now and seem 2 b growing a lot better. I had 2 build me a makeshift box lol.


Some ppl make grow tents out of large moving cardboard boxes and white house paint and it works


Well @Iva, since you seem to be our resident expert on LEDs…

Is there a lot of electrical knowledge needed to build your own? I know how dangerous things can get when done wrong, so I was curious.

I’m not able to work enough anymore to be able to afford a good lighting system. I could try to bite the bullet and not buy an ounce, but my wife doesn’t like me much when I don’t smoke. Hell, nobody does really.

Maybe prices will go down on smoke for me after this election cycle. Hoping Florida passes it this time.


when they do I may have to take a day trip and come visit…maybe have you take me to a dispensary or seed shop, lol…you usually have to possess an a valid in state id to be able to buy right?


@FloridaSon if you can sawder good and buy the right drivers and most importantly power supply and heat sinks , you can build one , it’s videos on YouTube on how to build your own LED light panel of you feel up to the challenge , plus the right led lights and lenses is a plus to Sir , but I think you can do it .


You dont need any skills and no harder then lego and meccano mixed together
You will need to put a plug on the power supply but you could take it to a repair shop if your not sure the rest is just following instructions.
If you use quick connections for all the led chips you dont even have to solder and the heat sinks can be sourced with all the holes pre drilled and tapped with threads
Doing this will give you a light that uses less power makes less heat and supplies more light then 90% of LEDs you can buy