Light bleaching? something else?


A question from a fellow grower:

I’m growing Jack Herer (seeds) that I bought from ILGM, and I’m having some trouble and would like some advice. I started off growing 2 feminized JH, and 2 regular white widows, all besides one feminized JH died I think because the light was too far away and they grew lanky and just snapped. I repotted the last living plant to a pot with holes. I’m using hydroponic soil - coco coir, and the plant is now 16 days old. The two large first leaves have begun to yellow but are still firm but every day it seems to yellow more. The very tips have started getting darker (not so visible in the pictures below). What I’ve read seems to rule out nitrogen deficiency or high temperatures. I’m using a T5 light that may have been too close because I assumed it wasn’t powerful enough, could this be light bleaching? Is it something else? Nutrients have come mainly from compost but out of fear of rotting the roots I changed the coco coir. Other than that there are egg shells in the growing medium and occasionally I water with water that a pear has soaked in for nutrients since I know it’s unhealthy for a young plant to get too many nutrients. There is cinnamon in the growing medium since I’ve read it to be healthy for roots and leaf production… Humidity is fine. Thoughts?

Spots on leaves are from dust and soil


The round leaves, that first set, the cotyledon leaves…they supply all the nutrients the plant needs to survive until the 3rd or 4th set of real leaves show.
You do not need to add anything, your organic soil is already too rich for the babies.

And looking at the photo…in my opinion, the plants are not dying from being too tall, that one almost looks like it has stem rot, damping off disease, starting at the base.


has no nutrients you need to feed 1/4 strength watch for any signs of burn keep nutes and water ph 5.8-6 and use weak nutes every water straight water only once every 3rd feed


Sorry buddy devil is in the details his grow has to be treated like hydro


Hey guys, so those are my plants, I sent email instead of posting but now that they’re posted I’ll let you know what’s up with my plants. After I sent in the email I did a lot more research out of fear that by the time I received a response the plant would start to die. It seemed that the tips on the first set of leaves (not the cotyledons) were dying, and I was worried about nutrient deficiencies since hydro mediums don’t provide the same nutrients as regular soil, and even regular soil often needs aid. However the leaves didn’t droop and it wasn’t root rot (checked while repotting). My plant is almost 20 days old and has grown minimally compared to the initial growth. Reading about PH levels I learnt that often wrong PH not only discolors the leaves, but affects growth and leaf production. My PH kit hasn’t arrived yet, so for a quick fix I researched the local tap water PH (7) and lowered it by making tea which is more acidic, and after it cooled down I watered with that. Worked


That plant grew very lanky since the lights were far and not strong. Ater 3 died of this I reinforced the plant with more soil, and then dropped the lights.


It was the stuff listed at the end that got my interest…the compost mentioned, egg shells, cinnamon, the tea…just thought it might have contributed…still learning


cinnamon is good for bug control egg shells for calcium but this is coco not compost or organic soil so without bacterial culture most of it is just filler things listed would be better used for making a full organic mix which takes time to cool and culture. Since coco is sterile and ph neutral you need to have ph control for your plants to be happy in it the yellow leaves are result of N def. Primary reason people use Coco is it is basically hydro without pumps res and need for much extra equipment