Light bleaching fan leaves?

I have an issue I’ve never dealt with before. Maybe it’s not an issue. Not sure. It seems like the leaves that are directly under my light are getting bleached.

In this pic it’s two different plants - one Sour D, one Maui Wowie. The lighter green leaves are from straight under the light, the darker green are from the back side of the plant that’s not straight under the lamp.

The light is a 1000w Double Ended HPS from Yield Labs. It has a variable setting, I run it at 100%. Tops of the plants are probably 12-14” from the light. Using the back of the hand test I’m just fine at that height.

So is this an issue I should be concerned about? If I remove the ratchets and shorten the light hangers I can gain a few more inches. I’m basically 3 weeks into 12/12 and the stretch has all but finished.

1000w de being 12 inches from your plants is probably heat stressing them or the intensity is too high for those leaves. I use 1000w se i just put seedling in my tent in 3 gallon pots. To acclimate them to the light its at 54 inches in flower the lowest I go is 16 to 18 Thats like the very lowest. Idk how you go 12 inches. But thats just me idk what everyone else does. @dbrn32 I know u know led but u know hps? @Hellraiser ?


Like I said I just go by back of the hand - I’ve always done the hold your hand at the level of the buds and if you can keep it there at least 30 seconds without discomfort it’s ok but that’s obviously an outdated technique.

I can raise the light a little still, don’t have a ton of room to tie things down any more than they already are. I can also turn the light down to 75 or 50% output if i need to.

Its not outdated alot of people use it. I did all the time. I still do but I’ve been doing it so long I know where to put my light. Raise it up a little bit to give her a break and see if those leaves stop twisting and curling. Don’t dim your bulb it kills it faster its nothing that can’t be fixed with adjusting hight. De hps has more kick than single ended. So if u can get it to about 18 try that. It should be better. Do a run off test too to test your phone and your ppms and make sure your nutrients are in check too


Yeah I would expect that with a 1000 watt DE HPS only 12-14" above the plants, need twice that distance at a minimum.


And I thought 16 was low lol I go down to 16 to 18 when they are flowering and really healthy just kicking ass soaking it all up.

Thanks. This is my first DE lamp, I’m still learning the difference between this and good old single end - clearly it’s stronger!

All this time I thought light bleaching was only for LED growers since I always thought you’d be crisping your plants under HPS from the heat before you ever got em with too much light. Learning new sh!t!! :slight_smile:

I had mostly ruled out nutrients given that the difference in leafs was really clearly defined by the proximity to the light. I’m organic in super soil but I’ll check regardless.

I have the plants on 3” tall stands to get the bags off the ground a bit. I can remove those and can take the ratchets off the light and see what else I can do with the mounting brackets to bring it up

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So I should be shooting for more like 20-24” when running this at full tilt?

Also is there any reason to use the “Super Lumens” setting on this ballast or is that just for killing my bulb?

Yeah if your not full flower go for around 24 and see how they react u can lower it down if you need to or up.
The super lumens I never use basically its like giving 110 percent when its not needed or not going to make much of a difference except strain everything

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I’m 3 weeks into 12/12. About day 6 of flowering.

Thanks for the help. It’s much appreciated.

@dbrn32 @Hellraiser @Dieselgrow1031

Are any of these iPhone app light meters worth trying or are they really only good for LED?

I think there doodoo. But thats just me. Just buy a par meter makes life easy instead of trying to dick around with a phone app. Ypu dont even have to buy a meter just start up higher and read what your plants want. If they are stretching in veg. Lower the light. If they are bleaching and curling you raise it up.

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Dig. Thanks! Gonna go and see what I can make happen in the tent and raise da roof

I’m still getting used to this tent… first time around with it I had 4 plants in and didn’t veg long enough cuz I was afraid to outgrow the tent. This time I had 5 and vegged a week longer than previously and I’m out of space. Really the best solution if I could swing it would be to pull the two silver hazes to make room to tie down the other three bigger plants.

This is probably crazy talk but I just got a portable greenhouse for my veggie garden. I could probably stick the SSH outside and flower it lol

Do you scrog? If so fill 80 percent of your tent then flower it will fill out perfectly. I usually have 4 or 5 plants in my 4x4 and I really pack em in.

I’ve always just SOG’d using LST… never dropped the extra CR on top before but it’s on the horizon for the Fall’21 indoor crop. I’ve been thinking that two or three plants in 5 gals scrog’d should fill it up plenty. It’s a 3x5 tent. In retrospect it’s a weird shape.

I keep my room turned off during the summer and just grow under the sun so this is the last run of indoor I’ll do til the fall.

I do indoor and outdoor. I’m trying to get indoor down during summer cuz I have high temp problems. Now that I moved my tent into my back spare room I gotta figure out how to help the heat up during the winter lmao but I do both and ill figure out how to make it work lol

I’ve spent a lot more time growing outdoors than indoors and the last time I was going indoors full hog I was running an old 400w HPS clunker with a magnetic ballast - that was just like ok ma, go get the crank so I can fire up ol’ Bessie :crazy_face:

this DE 1000w is like going from a Vw bug to a Porsche

Just wait until you go led. I cant wait. Definitely getting a hlg scorpion diablo when the time comes if they havnt came out with anything better

Agreed, too close.