Light bleach starting?

Hi I am new here growing a few different strains in the one 8x4 tent to try a bit of everything, I have never used led lights befor and plants stretched a lot and now around 18 to 20 inch away from canopy at the highest they can go they are adjustable though power wise I am using HLG 650R and a california lightworks solarsystem 1100. I am in week 3 of flower and wondering if this is the start of light bleaching.

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What’s your dimmer at?

Hi, my dimmer for the HLG is probably set to about 65% now cause I think its light burn and don’t want to risk it, and the California lightworks is now set to 60 red 20 white and 40 blue to lower the stretch and intensity.

Did I catch it early enough or will the tops of these now be super burnt when they get bigger?


And sorry I’m guessing you wanted to know what is was set to, it was set to 90% and California lightworks 99 red 50 white 50 blue.

I don’t think it’s light bleaching, looks more like genetics possibly.

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Yeah, I agree I don’t see any light bleaching
Pretty plants welcome to the community!

Ok then thanks guys also here is a couple pictures of the canopy and the stacking of buds, do you think it’s too dense as in will mould be an issue you think?? Plants in picture is GLF seeds.

Also I’m growing in an aquaponics system, humidity is down to 55% but pretty much as low as I can get it at the moment that’s in between the buds though.

This helped me immensely. I have a tube sucking out humidity in middle of my tent. It’s attached to a fan I can control. Sucking air out of tent.

Hi, that’s an idea as a lot of my moisture does come from down low as I am using a Wilma XXL system and the roots blocked all drain holes in tray so not water covers the tray. only problem is I’m just recycling the air In one big room that i am living in at the moment and we have the fish tanks in this room as I do aquaponics so a lot of the humidity comes from the fish tanks.

I know this is old but I’d like to share the knowledge I’ve learned. Yes, that is the beginning of light bleaching you have there. The top leaves are turning a lighter green and your leaves are pointing up. (praying) The leaves praying like that mean your plants are getting too much light. The leaves are being worked too hard and quality and quantity will suffer a bit. I’ve seen much worse though. I know this because it happened to me.

I’m having a issue with light bleaching as well can anyone give me advice?

Are these from the bottom or the top?

Hey, my light bleaching was only affecting the buds turned the tips of them white. Never had leaf burn though.

The bottom

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Older leaves tend to die off if there’s not enough light at the bottom. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Should I trim these off ?

I just started using nutrients today I’m using all purpose plant food … can anyone recommend something different or is that okay? And I now have a fan in there I didn’t know it was suppose to be one in there