Light assisted outdoor grow

I’m growing outdoors, moved indoor plants outside once spring began, the plants had produced once during winter and were back on 24 hr lights, Of course they flowered again. My problem now is I cannot get them back into grow cycle and some clones I moved outside are flowering even tho I have light on them all night. The lights are small, solar powered LED’s. I was under the impression the plants needed near complete darkness to flower, so I assumed that also meant with a small amount of light during the night I could switch back to the veg stage, or keep small plants in veg stage. How much light do plants need just for the sake of hormones, to control the stage they’re in???

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There are autoflowers and photoperiod versions of cannabis seed. Autoflowers don’t care about the lighting cycle and will begin to flower as soon as the plant is sexually mature (most often between 4 and 7 weeks.) Photoperiod cannabis will flower when there is less than ~14 hours per day of light. Indoor growers choose 12 hours of light per day to trigger flowering to be safe.

Honestly anything where they get 18+ hours of light exposure should do the trick. For indicas, they may take more light to convince them to reveg. It also takes positively forever to convince a plant to reveg - 4-6 weeks is usually how long I wait between a harvest and actually seeing new growth emerging from bud sites.

It’s got to be powerful enough that your plant doesn’t think it’s just stars or full moon lighting. A small solar LED may not be able to do the trick.


I appreciate your thoughts, I am now stepping up my night lights to try to get my girls under control, otherwise the whole summer will be wasted. I had read somewhere that a shot of light for ten minutes an hour would keep them in veg stage, I assumed a weak light all night would do the trick, obviously, and sadly I was wrong, My being cheap on light has cost me about 6 weeks of growing time now.

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I just gave up for the room both times Graysin. Talk about patience…lol. None on those.

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