Light and water deprivation before harvest

Hello ilgm fam. First time grower here. My question regards having a dark period and no water, just prior to harvest. I’ve read through some of the forum and am pretty confident that I understand the tricome colors and preferences of effects. That being said, is this really benificial? And when is the right time? Should I wait until the tricomes are where I would like them and then go no water and have a dark period? Or should I expect more amber developement during this time, and do it prior to when tricomes are at my preferred amber level?

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I personally shoot for about 5% amber because I like minimizing hunger and couch lock but if you want that then go up to 30% amber . Your plants will continue to develop at about half speed during the dark( I did a 7 days of darkness test on my orange sherbert )and about 1st 2 days of drying since the branches are still technically alive, but I don’t recommend starving them just give them half doses of water , I noticed a peak of terp profile at 5 days in so that’s my new standard for dark period . I also recommend putting them in when you think they’re perfect since all of us tend to harvest slightly earlier then perfect.

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I’m gonna copy and paste my answer to this question from another topic, again.

You’re gonna hear a lot about the “best” way to grow weed from people who heard about the “best” way to grow weed. There is no right way. What works for me, may not work for you. I might do something that would make your daddy disown you if you did it. Such is life.

But I digress. I don’t put my plant in extended darkness before harvest. I do harvest my plant before sunrise (if they’re outside) and before the light comes on (if they’re in a tent with other plants).

I don’t “flush” my plant before harvest because I’m not feeding my plant, I’m feeding my soil and I stop feeding the soil a month (or better) before harvest.

I feed at half strength. I don’t push the nutrients to the point of nute burn. I don’t believe the plant needs this type of “boost”. I can get better trichome production by strategically damaging the plant. I keep my plants both hungry and thirsty. I do alright.

I defoliate. Not just a little, but like a whole lot. All the time. I can’t seem to help myself, but my plants love it.

Karla loves it when I give her flowers


Thank you. Exactly the kind of opinion I wanted to hear.

Sorry to be the guy that didn’t find your response in a previous thread. So you’re saying you don’t even agree with the idea of having a dark period before harvest? Your preference is wait until tricomes are where you would like and chop before sunrise?

I’ve never used an extended dark period before harvesting. Depriving the plant of water before harvest doesn’t make sense to me, imho. You want your calyxes to be swollen when you harvest.

Some commented on nutes/flush and I do as was suggested in an earlier post. I’ll stop feeding about 2 weeks before harvest rather than flushing.


I was strictly announcing the words duplicity (in case someone had seen it in a previous post) and no admonishment was intended.

No, I’m saying I don’t do it.

Since my grows are predominantly outdoors I am left with no other option. That’s the best I can do, right? Since my outdoor smoke isn’t harsh by any means (don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few coughing fits, but nothing as harsh as what I’ve had to purchase in the past.),I choose not to worry about it and I do alright.

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This was exactly my thought on water deprivation. Sounded like someone getting impatient and maybe trying to get a head start on dry and didn’t think it would really benefit much if any. Thanks.

Thanks for the info. Just a timid first harvest for me and trying to get all the info I can get.