Light and flowers

If i have 2 co2 tanks and hlg 30watt uv bars along with hlg 150sabor, Mars hydro tsw 2000 can i flower for 16 hrs in a3x3x6 Mars hydro tent 4 plants

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Hmmm im gonna wTch for this answer also. Lol

I only ask cuz i just have one time for right now and 2 tents need to run for vegg

Tch? Not familiar with that

I also get to put them outside all the time too

I’m assuming you are doing autoflowers? Otherwise you will need to flower them under 12/12 light cycle.

You have enough light to get big buds from your grow, but moving them inside and out while trying to use CO2 probably won’t work so well.

I only grow one plant in a 3x3 but if you want to do more that’s fine, many people do, you just want to flower them right away so they don’t get too big, but again, if they are autoflowers you just go with the flow.

You will struggle to flower 4 plants in a 3x3. Also, CO2 is a waste of time and money unless you have a LOT of light. The Mars won’t get it done wrt CO2 supplementation.

A 16 hour schedule won’t flower photo plants. Autos won’t care about the light cycle. Photos demand a 12/12 light schedule to induce flowering.

Good luck!

You want to have a target DLI especially if using co2. When using co2 the plants would have to be growing later in the season outside or inside only. There are outdoor grows that use co2 on massive crazy levels. Fields. Otherwise co2 is basically indoor only for it to help.

If no you introduce co2 you have to make up for everything else. Double light, double nutrients, double air movement.

Here is a list of the lights i have to use 2 hlg 225. Mars 2000tsw aglex 1000k series hlg 30 watt uv bar hlg 150 saber bar Tents are mars 4x 2x 6. Mars 3x3x7 Vivosun triangle corner tent and have 6 inline fans and enough stuff to make 4 full tents

I think there others more suited to help. @dbrn32 got this one?

I don’t really know who else to tag when it comes to lights. Not really sure who uses co2.

Also wondering if these are autos? If not, question is null because photos won’t flower on 16 hours light.

Hlg light saber won’t fit into 3x3 tent either. So that leaves mars tsw2000 in 3x3? If that’s the case no need for co2, just run complete air exchange every 2 minutes or less.

The uv bar is for Mars tent and the lemon diesel is photo and i have them flowering already will they go back to veg off i change the time s little