Light And Dark Requirements For Seedlings

This is my first grow. Seeds are Purple Kush. Just bought a
Viparspectra P1500 Grow Light. The user manual recommends using hours 12 on / 12 off for Seedling/Young Vegetative growth. They list these settings for their P600, P1500, P2500 and P4000 as well. I have not seen these times recommended before. Will it be ok to use those times?

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Are they autos? Even with Autos most run with 18/6 light schedule the whole time. Now with photos you would want to run 18/6 also until you are ready to flip them to the flowering stage which would be 12/12

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Many folks start seedlings under T5 light with at least 18/6 as @Tdevine stated, some go 20/4 and others 24/0! They don’t need intense light when they are little. Don’t have the light too close, it might fry them!
And not much watering! Altho they do like it humid, spray the insides of a clear plastic cup and put over the seedling. They will get most of their needed moisture through their leaves. You only want the soil a little damp, not wet, and only a few ml/teaspoon of water at a time. You want to make the roots search for water, so don’t water the stem area, about 2" radius around the stem.

Welcome to the forum! You’ll learn more from here than any user manual!

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Thanks very much for the insight. Have changed duration to 18 on 6 off and will implement the other recommendations. Once again, thanks for taking the time to help.

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@filtertip Welcome aboard!! I agree :point_up: with the 18/6 timeframe, does your light have a dimmer switch? Seedlings require less intensity due to their initial fragility.

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A BIG THANK YOU to all for your friendly welcome. I currently have 3 pretty ladies under cultivation.
Their light is a Viparspectra P1500 set to 60% intensity at a height of 24" and a duration of 18/6 hours.
Thanks again for all the help. I am always open to suggestions so any and all will be greatly appreciated.

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All sounds good , you’re off to the races keep us posted. :v::+1:

Welcome aboard.

I was kind of worried that Murphy’s Law would probably hit right in the middle of my first grow and that my Viparspectra P1500 grow light would die leaving me desperate and with no backup. I got to looking around and found that Viparspectra
have auctions on Ebay. I bid on and won an XS1500 for $91.00 with free shipping. Money wise this is a good deal compaired to Amazon’s $159.00. We’ll see how this deal works out.