Light after flowering

I had a plant that was outside and it apparently went into the flowering stage. it was the same White Widow I had in the grow room. Same age. The plant outdoors in sunlight and longer hours had huge buds compared to the grow room. Question: Now that I have reduced the hours in the GR and the plants are in bud can/should I increase the light to 16 hrs (or more) My lights are not the best but they are what I can afford

Short answer; No.

They need the 12 hours of darkness to do their thing.

Leave it on 12/12 once it has been flipped or you risk your plants returning to their vegetative stage.


Unless you have autos? If they’re autos then yes, increase your like to 18/6 or even 20/4. They wont go back into veg, but only if you have autos. If they’re just fem, then you need the 12.

Could be autos, but it started flowering after the light change so assumed photo’s. Or just great timing :sweat_smile:

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Probably photos then. Although I’ve heard of people talk about trying to force and auto to flower by changing the light. Maybe, if that actually works, that happened?

Don’t extend your light on time. I’m guessing you are correct in that low yeilds are because of weeker light intensity. That will be an issue you would need more light to fix.

Therr are some methods of growing that help poorly lit grows produce a little more. Like running a screen of green or scrog for short.


Thanks. I wish I could afford proper lighting. It was incredible the difference in the buds of the plant in direct sunlight compared to my GR. I was hoping more time would help. The one potted plant in direct sun was budding beautifully with large buds in the middle of summer (15+ Hrs of light ?)

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Yeah stick with 12/12 light schedule, the best lights made is still hard to compete with (big red) :sun_with_face: sun. Plus it’s free. Good luck finishing up.

You would be surprised. The tops under a good indoor light make outdoor buds look spindly and fluffy.

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