Light absorption and reflection?

Ok…I understand that the color we see when looking at something is due to that color of the light spectrum being reflected back because that object doesn’t absorb that color.

With this in mind, I have to wonder…could this have an effect with the color of things surrounding our plants? I understand that a flat, bright white is usually what is recommended, or Mylar (or something similar.)

I grow outside and it caused me to think about the color of my pots. Most seem to be black (mine included) which leads to heat issues at the roots in the summer.

White being all the colors we see combined; the plants response to the blues and reds of the spectrum ; should surrounding objects carry these colors for reflection back to the plants?

Maybe a mottled or tie dye pattern of mostly white with reds and blues mixed in? This would reflect some of those colors back to the plants, or so logic would have me believe.

I was considering green or natural camo pattern for my pots and surrounding fence, but I have time to put this thought out for consideration.

Any thoughts?

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I’m not sure how to split a topic’s category, but I’m sure this would work in the beginner- grow category as well.


I believe black is the color of all colors combined and pots don’t need to reflect because plants don’t absorb reflected light from underneath

Good luck on your move!

Being an artist I totally understand what you are saying. Black absorbs all light and the energy that comes with it. White reflects all light. There are two types of light display - reflection and projection. Reflection uses yellow, red and blue for its primary colors, projection uses green, magenta and cyan.

With that in mind you could arrange to “filter” the projected lights reflected energy by using the right colors around the plants. It is also just as possible to turn the reflected light to “mud” by arranging opposite primary and secondary colors to reflect to the same area effectively creating a reflected brown.

Now you get the science guys to tell you which colors reflect what you need. Or you can make 'em all Jerry Garcia with all prime colors in the tie dye for happy plants. :sunglasses:

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