Lifespan of coco coir?

How long / how many grows do you think you can do per batch of coco coir. Ive heard of some that throw it out after 3 and others that use it 8+ times. How do you know it’s time to stop, do you start seeing deficiencies quicker , does it become a slurry mess from the fibers breaking down? Im about to do my 3rs coco grow and I usually mix half old with half new to transfer bacteria colonies so I’m just curious of people’s opinions.

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I wonder the same as i have alot of used coco around here lol. Once done i have prolly about 13 bricks expanded lol. Its really not all that expensive i wS just gonna get a few new brick and wash the old and soak it for a while drain it and mix old and new also.

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I watching for some answers to this. I was just going to toss the coco into my compost and use it in my garden. A little concerned with the root decay and causing some sort of root toxicity if thats a phrase. Or any other adverse affects. The reason I like the coco is because it brings nothing to the table.

I’ve reused my coco twice so far, haven’t seen any issues. The importance of watering to run off, often enough, and regular feedings I think help the most.


Autopots? Self watering / wicking systems?

Plain hand watering.

I don’t think you can come up with a number that would be accurate across the board. If you say 2 grow, is that a 12 week grow or 20 week grow? Was it mostly pith used, fiber, or chips? What nutrients were used, or was anything mixed in the coco? All of these things are going to play into the durability of your coco.

Personally, I use it once at throw into my compost bin. It’s not as expensive as what I was using one and done prior, so never really thought about recycling.

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Ive heard it actually grows better after the 1st probably cause all remaining potassium in the cations are no longer grabbing cal mag out

Maybe. I always looked at as buffered is buffered. The only time I ran into issue like that was when someone suggested I give a straight watering to mature plant. I may as well have put straight ro water into dwc lol. Less than 24 hours and they were not happy.

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I bet especially if they’re used to nutrient filled hydro water must’ve confused the heck out of them lol

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