Life Span of a Seed

Evening all.
I would like to know how long a weed seed will remain viable for. If any one knows.
Shelf life I guess you would call it please.
Thank you


They can last up to 10 years or longer if properly stored.
Refrigerated , dark , humidity controlled.
Generally 2-3 years otherwise.


Many years if kept in a cool, dry, dark place. I put mine in containers in the veg drawer at the bottom of the fridge where is is cool, dark, and humidity is very low.

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I’ve kept my seeds in the fridge and they re just as viable as when I bought them a year ago ive heard of 5-10 year old seeds stored in a dash board germing fine too but the shock of cold to room temp helps germ the seeds imo


I have seeds from about 11 or more years ago they r shit bag beans but i dropped e to get started year and a half ago and all 3 popped. Started right at the atart of covid lockdown and had the seeds id say atleast 11 to 13 years maybe even longer in a drawee in a pill bottle inside a plastic bag. Just an accidenf looking in the drawer and wife seen them when i found them and when i went to work she dropped 3 for me to get started. Best move she did beside marrying me lol. Love this sport


Thank you Midwestguy, Greensnek and Mark 0427. for you replies.