Liberty Haze seedling on a go slow


Hi Guys

I hit the site limit on new member replies!
Sorry for delay in response.

Status quo for now.

Soil PH is close to 7
I thought maybe the grounds could help with this issue.
I have not added them.
Does that feed look ok to you? Again… I am limited by availability of range in South Africa.

Soil ph - 7
Water from tap - 6.8/7
That PH tester pictured is not the most specific…

I have not used nutes/ time release.

I have green fingers in general and guess the soil is good quality. Maybe a bit alkaline and maybe not enough perlite.


It’s all the same soil!
There are plenty of holes in pots and drainage is good.
Root system is strong and very quick to grow.
Disproportionately to the plant itself.
Have also waited until ‘dry’ on meter and sight before watering

That being said - nowhere near 1/3 perlite.
If that is recommended I will get more today.
Note: soil also has vermiculite. A light, airy soil was the aim.

Do you suggest I also cut more perlite into the main pot waiting for her?

Time to transplant into the permanent pot?


Ok, I think your problem is your Ph is too high at 7. Try to get it down to 6.5 by watering with Ph-ed water.


Yea vermiculite is a perlite sub ive heard. Ignore me n listen to Rausty. Solid advice of the pH


I gave her a weak nute solution that was at 6.5.
If she responds well, I assume that means the quality of the nutrient in the soil is off?

I don’t think it’s usual to need to feed so early is it?


No, normally you would not feed this early, but your cotyldons are dying, so a weak feed is ok.


Will advise.

This is her current sad state:
Leaves pointed straight down.

It’s also confounding as to why her cousin is doing well under same conditions.


I think you can move the lights down a few inches.


Better look…

About 5cm


She can take it


Yes, that’s better.


Sorry for late reply. Your seedling doesn’t look too bad at all. Mine was far worse off. I took the advice of several here in your post replies, went from hot soil to a mix of perlite and Pete moss in and reverse transplated seedling to much smaller pot (solo cup) and it took off from there.


Also. Kept my seedlings at 60-65% humidity was important. And in the 70s for temperature and they started growing healthy. Bought a $20 humidifier and it worked wonders and helped cool the grow room area


Compost and woody based can pack up lke mud it’s to tight for little roots to get through im telling ubi just went through this that’s y I’m at 20 weeksand only 2 weeks in flower and my biggest plant is 4 ft I kept changing soil in begining before I found out about pH and water retention and drainage soil is one of the if not the most important part of a soil grow



Luckily she is still in silo equivalent.

I am going to toss my soil, compost, vermiculite, perlite mix and go with a store bought potting soil and a ton of perlite.

Unfortunately we can’t get speciality soil here yet.
The store bought ones don’t even have any info or chem breakdown- which is why I went with my own mix.

It’s just been legalized here for home use so I hope the tandem will improve:)


Thanks for looking in.

Temp is good.
Humidity should be ok - I don’t have a meter but I will order one.
I have got other plants in the cupboard for now to help.



As a note : her roots have surprised me so far and have poked out the bottom of the pot in a day or two - both times.

I can only assume they are healthy.


Because going out the cup is easier then it burrowing through a muck clump :joy::joy: it’s can feel loose for days even weeks but it eventually packs up and retards growth id bet that’s ur problem


Yup. The cup is childs play compared to a 5 gall pot. If you’re comfy by all means let her rock. Also amazon is a beast with things like soil n nutes. But good work so far


She has responded a little bit after light nutes and more humidity.

I have a humidity meter on order.

Keeping her status quo until I have prepared a better soil mix.

I am hunting for perlite - there seems to have been a surge in sales after legalization. :slight_smile:

Her full time home will be extra airy soil and will not have any compost!

Amazon don’t yet offer full service to South Africa and our equivalent is a bit rubbish.



How does this look?