Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs


Nicely done my friend.
I have to try the gl grow soon.


I agree with you on the ph @RookieReefer
And i dint flush or like ti flush unless i have a issue either
And with the ff trio i found the same issue keeping ph adjusted with ffof soil
I plan on doing a three way grow using nfg ff trio and remo nutrients planning on a January start time for that
Unfortunately with mom being sick i may need to leave at anytime so i cant start until at least then
Thanks @FreakyDeekie yeah the have a spicy fruity smell
With me flowering early they didnt get over 24 inches
Have 1 more gl in a scrog tent and two gl
in with a bb fem and two bb autos in other tent with weeks to go for them hoping to have them harvested by middle December :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 Please know I have you and your family in my prayers :hugs:
Secondly, I have eliminated FF off my list for my spring Grow after seeing so many having ph issues. I have to keep things simple and economic :grinning:


I appreciate the kind words a Prayers :wink:
And to be clear im not saying ff products are bad just that you need to pay a little more attention to them
My biggest issue with the ff line up is the salt build up that the brand tends to create
And its a known issue since they require min of 3 flushes during a 12 week grow cycle and most of my grows will go longer then 12 weeks so require a 4th flush
As stated i not a fan of flushing unless its needed and if you can find a better product that doesn’t require it im all for that
So far ive been extremely happy with the nectar line
And so have the plants
I did run into a ph issue but that was from lack of proper attention with my situation so im not stressing it i did correct it now
Did you order a sample for your self its worth the small investment imo


It seems that many here have great results with FF so I have paid close attention to it on the forums. The more I read it just doesn’t seem the right one for me. I’ve not ordered anything yet as I’m (1) still researching nutrients, (2) undecided whether to go AutoFem or feminized photo, (3) evaluating my outdoor grow area (possible light contamination from house lights), & hoping for a little extra $$ at the end of the year.
Above all else I just need to keep my growing as physically easy and economical as possible :blush:


I used FFOF for my first grow and had thought that I would recharge and reuse it but I am rethinking that now. I did have issues with pH and nute lockout there which ruined one of my plants, wasn’t using Fox Farms nutes though. Not sure what soil I am going to try next. I don’t want the guys at my local greenhouse eyeballing me too closely if I start asking about specialized soils, especially in December or January


I think I’m going to start in black gold then maybe transplant into happy frog but I’m in the same boat @FreakyDeekie. Haven’t made a final decision yet.


I already bought Pro Mix Ultimate at the end of season sales here (@ cost thanks to a friend) and may or may not need much in nutrients. However, I think there’s going to have to be some adjustments during the Grow & I should have something on hand if necessary.


All the best wishes for your Mom my friend.


There are a few ‘recipes’ posted throughout the forum @garrigan65 and @Hogmaster are the posts that I based my soil mix on.

My mix: (posted in my rookies first run thread)

No problems so far.


Sounds like a good reason to bring our fish tank back down from the attic. It’s been out of service since my daughters goldfish died after two years.

“Hey honey, lets get another fish”…

Love it.



Here is what I use: Some of you have asked me for my recipe well here ya go.

I started out with an off brand of Pro Mix same thing but different brand.

I added 3 1/2 gal’s of Mix to a 5 gal cloth pot. Then add one gal of worm castings, Guano Grow Crazer Guaranted Analyis For Vegg Phase 5-1-1 one half gal, than added Indonesian Bat Guanno one tsp per gal of soil or 5 tsp’s
Bone Meal I added 5 tsp’s and mixed them real good togetter.



Super Tea Mix
0.5 - 0.5 - 0.10 mix 2 - 3 tsp’s per galof water " WILL NOT BURN SEEDLINGS "


Every watering durning vegg i would add one cap full of Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 then i added Veganic Special Sauce a Microbial Tea and Inoculant 0.75 - 2.15 - 2.10 mix 1 tsp per gal of water every watering

Durning their growth would spray them with a:


I would also add two cap fulls of " HYDROGEN PEROXIDE" TO EACH WATERING.


I added Bone Meal to the top soil I added one to two tsp’s per plant. once a week.

When i watered i added one tsp of Molasses and one tsp of Honey per gal of water twice a week for the entier flower period.


Durning watering once per week i would add one tsp of Epson Salt.

And that’s it. I didn’t have any problems what so ever not one defecency not a one.



Dude that’s way deeper than I am going at the moment - but I can see the gaps in what I’m using now (beyond molasses, hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt). I’m not sure I have enough shelf space to store more goodies for the girls…:hushed:

Always learning. Thanks for posting.


@MattyBear this is the thread i was talking about


Thanks! Set to watching now :+1:


Ive done my ph@6.2 up till now im in mid-flower and have been @6.3-6.4. Its about were it falls on its own after I add the nutes to my tap water, and my girls are happy.


Sounds good @Familyman420 tag me wgen tou update the pictures bro


Fyi i buy the same brand of molassas at the “county store” down the road for 1/4 of the price it sells for at the grow shop. And i do add epsom salt to my supersoil mix, BUT ISE CAUTION! Too much salt can be bad for them and will cause nute lock out. I’ve never used peroxide on the cannabis but i have heard of it threw some local organic berry and darf fruit tree growers. Again, i would “think” it could also do hatm if too much is used especially if u are using living soil/supersoil bc some of the bacteria and microbes thet are part of the soil would be killed off


The Epsom salt was new on me, I had read about the benefits of the Hydrogen Peroxide - I just got past a fungus gnat issue using yellow sticky pads, potato slices and a good dusting with DE. Last night I added two cap fulls of H2O2 to their watering to kill any larvae that may remain - of course I realize I just probably killed off most of the microbes I’ve been adding with Photosynthesis Plus and/or Mammoth P…


I have my sample pack…came with a lot of product☺
My question is it came with PH up but no
PH down…I have PH down from another company…would it be ok to use it with ng line?