Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs


@FreakyDeekie keep us all informed this should be interesting


Plus they are “local” so only $19 for shipping and took 1 day lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 just one question for you, I know soil and don’t know soiless medium. Which would you recommend for my test run with these nutes?


You can go either way and you will be perfectly happy


Beautifull babies!!! @Countryboyjvd1971! And the mentor completely sums it up always have an answer or very educated guess and always willing to share. Hope the fam is all good. I believe it was you whom had a emergency. If not sorry if so sorry too


@Daddy i am also trying the NOTG sample pack. Using it about 30days. My supersoil has coco and peatmoss mixed in and so far they work great. Just be sure to shake them well bc the seperate fast. Even during watering i have to reshake it bk up a few times. Just gave them 1/8 To start then 1/4 then half strength a few times an so on. I just fed them full strength the early flower mix, with a shot of great white n a spoon of molasses. So far no issues and they are growing fast and healthy


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @bonnie1 @WillyJ @Wishingilivedina420state @Myfriendis410 @Sirsmokes @AnneBonny @Hogmaster
12 days into flower running the Nectar and the canopy has filled in really well #seaofbud

Upping the feeding to 2x (per week now. Still
Using the Bloom Chaos every morning at lights out, they get a shot of Mammoth P and/or a shot of photosynthesis plus once a week. Azos/water once per week as well.

I have had zero issues with leaf tip burns, discoloration, spots or any other indicators that there are any issues with plants or soil.

Love this stuff…



Sorry @Sirsmokes @Daddy for late reply still dealing with family emergency as far as the soil goes either way is fine and ph at recommended ph levels


@RookieReefer… wow lookin great and plentiful… I’ll say it again… I really love your setup, wish I had your space. Your yield will be phenomenal!!! I’ve actually had next to none nute burn also this grow with no discoloration, surprising from last grow, I started nutes slow and gradually went to full strength and all my girls are right on…


Same here. Started w/ 1/4 strength once per week, then 1/2, 3/4 finally to full. I really think the daily foliage feedings are helping.

Do you use Azos/Mykos as part of your grow…?

I’m hoping for a pound plus out of my six plant scrog. Super Skunk, Violator Kush and Strawberry Double Diesel. I have a seventh in it’s own 24”x36” scrog in the tent - she was the runt and was getting crowded out so I pulled her. I might veg her longer and try to pull clones again. I got three out of 14 to take root from my last topping.



Looking good!


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 and sorry to hear about your emergency. Hope everything is okay now. I am in the process of getting all of my stuff setup now.


Looking phenomenal @RookieReefer I’ll be following, I’m really interested in purchasing some mammoth P. Probably will.


@RookieReefer… no, I’m only using fox farm trio… I just got use to that and have a lot so I’m gonna use it cause it works for me right now. Only 2nd grow and need to build my jars​:joy::joy:but I’ll try some new things after winter when I replenish my nutes, etc… waiting for bubble gum photo seeds to arrive… your grow is fantastic :+1:


You can use Azos and Mykos w/ any nutes. Azos comes as a fine powder (beneficial bacteria) and primarily used during transplant by dusting the rootball.

Mykos is more granular (mycorrhizal inoculant) and is also used during transplant - making contact with the existing roots - then dust with Azos.

I was blown away with the size of the root structure and thickness of the plant base/stem. Used them on the autos pictured…

I’ll be following your auto grow and those big buds…:+1:



Those are looking pretty amazing @RookieReefer I can’t wait until my next grow to try my Nectar For The Gods sample pack. Thank you so much for posting your photos and documenting how this stuff works! :green_heart: :seedling:


Before i got it figure out with rapid rooters and a heat pad, i was loosing alot of clones lile that. Learned this trick might help u. If u have a fish tank with a filter that hangs in back, sucks water up filters it and it runs back into the tank? Well cut ur clones at an angle with a good sharp blade and drop them in the filter. They and throw a small clf bulb on them. Its crazy! Its simple, and last time i did it with in 10days 8 out of 10 cuttings had roots dangling down. They almost got tangled together they grew so fast.


@Familyman420 try putting a air stone in a bucket
That also works well just keep stems a inch or two from water :sweat_drops:
@Daddy thanks bud if you have a thread tag me into it
When you get a chance

I just took down a gl i had going she was short and bushy i flowers her super early
Have her hanging now she was grown in promix bx using nfg nutrients


There was a distinct difference running the nectar versus FF trio used on my autos. The FF nutes were very hard to keep the ph of the soil in acceptable range. When watering/feeding with nectar the ph of the soil was only dropping like .2 - .4. Very easy to manage. I do not flush my pots/plants unless there is a problem. Seven plants running nectar that are now two weeks into flower and they have not shown any signs where they need to be flushed.

The autos that were fed FF needed to be flushed twice in a 90day grow cycle as the plants were showing signs of lockout.

Not downing the FF trio - but when my current supply is gone that will be the end of those nutes for me.

Good luck with your grow and tag me in when you start. I’m not running a journal but I’ll keep posting here with updates-pics.



Lovely @Countryboyjvd1971 Nice looking plant! Where is smell-o-vision when ya’ need it?? :green_heart: :seedling: