Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs



That is what my “base” nutes are. I am growing in coco and am using/plan to use the following supplements
Voodoo Juice
Pro Silicate
Bid Bud
Bud Candy


@Screwauger so technically would the sensi a and b or whatever would be considered roughly the same base nutes as Micro, Bloom, and Grow for GH?


I think that’s a safe analogy, yes. There may be other things more/less but I can say the sensi grow A looks a lot like the GH Micro. @VelcroThumb

I will also say that the “ph perfect” part is based on the use of RO water and I am having to adjust pH using my tap water as after adding base nutes etc, I still need some pH down to get near 5.8


Are you soil or hydro?

** edit** obviously i need to read lol… coco


Hahaha, I am guilty of that also @VelcroThumb

I use autopots which are “passive” hydro system using coco and a gravity fed continuous bottom fed delivery system from a 12 gallon reservoir … I have one grow under my belt with the system that went fairly well.

I have not used these nutes and supplements before but I follow a grower who uses them and I have read 15 of his successful grows using this line up (and the coco and autopots also).


Here a few pics of my gold leaf with the nectar
Happy growing
I was away for a few days dealing with a family emergency so I’ll get her color corrected :open_mouth:


Time to flip the lights… (edited because I can’t spell at 7am…)
Added another GalaxyHydro 300w LED to the setup last week to get us closer to the sweet spot of 50w per sq ft of grow space.

102317 Scrog

Six of seven are well above the netting and I started ‘tucking’ over the weekend. Pretty sure there are signs of pre-flower with small white “hairs” at the base of branches at the stem. We’ll flip the lights to a 12/12 tonite.

102317 Scrog2

This run is all NFG, including the Bloom Chaos foliar spray and also using the Photosynthesis Plus (picked up another quart over the weekend).

Not sure whether I want to add the Mammoth P to the feeding schedule for this run now as the plants are at 9 weeks old.
Here’s the contents of the sample pack - the guy at the hydro store said that he has seen a few boxes come in with (2) 2oz bottles inside - of course, mine did not.

Mammoth P Sample Pack


                  ****UPDATE *****

Girls are really lovin the Nectar For the Gods


The plants are looking great. Thanks @RookieReefer , @Countryboyjvd1971 , and @70sChick My tent will come down in the next 2 weeks or so, after I dry my last plant, still trying to decide when to harvest! Looks like the hubby unit is going to agree to another grow after the first of the year. I am thinking maybe late Feb. If so, I will use my Nutrients for the Gods for that grow!!


Awesome @FreakyDeekie
I’ll be around if you need anything
Happy harvesting when time comes
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks @FreakyDeekie
I’m looking forward to watching you’re next grow…


Hey everyone. Just want to disrupt my own topic for a minute to ask a question. In theory, could one split just the main top stem or maybe 2 main Cola stems and achieve an increase in tricomes without damaging the stems that weren’t split. I have a couple of top colas where the tops of the tricomes are getting slight amber and so I would like those 2 colas to get harvested a week or so ahead of the rest of the plant? Can it be done? Should it be done? @garrigan65, @Countryboyjvd1971, @70sChick, @RookieReefer, @VelcroThumb, @Screwauger The other question I have is, if it’s possible, what about the 2 days of darkness, I would guess that wouldn’t work as the parts of the plant that you want to grow for another week would suffer too much without light for 48 hours???


I’m not sure. I know @Willd did some individual stem splitting. But I think he actually did the entire plant. Hopefully we’ll get someone with more knowledge. Maybe @Hogmaster may know


@FreakyDeekie it’s your party, why not give it a try. i doubt it could hurt anything and I think it would work!

I would skip the darkness in this case.


Thanks @70sChick and @bob31 Initially I was just going to do a full, slightly above soil level split but I think the lower colas could stand to “cook” a little longer. It’s worth a try I hope :wink:


absolutely! Go for it! Pictures please! @FreakyDeekie


OK, going to try it after supper tonight. Gotta sterilize my scalpel! Will try to get some pics before and after!


absolutely! All in the name of science! @FreakyDeekie


Got my NTG’s today, amped for my next test run :slight_smile:


@FreakyDeekie I’ve never done it but give it a gobas bob said but yeah the 24 dark won’t work lol
@Daddy your going to love the nectar