Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs


Bonus seeds lol Love then why not give it a try especially if you liked the smoke lol
Tag me in when you start brother @MattyBear
You going with promix as well ?


Buddy those look awesome.

I too am six weeks in, and they are on a water water feed schedule as well. Not a single issue across all seven consuming the NFTG line. As you suggested I started using the foiliage spray every morning right at lights out.

Next grow: three plants max and I’ll use 5gal fabric pots.


Yeah I am gonna give promix a try this go around. I’ll keep you posted when I start that journal on Pearl Scout Cookies


Blueberry Auto, LowRyder Auto, White Widow, Gold Leaf, Bubble Gum and Chocolope
Photo taken 10-2 Started Nectar For the Gods 1/4 strength.

Photo taken 10-4 Two days after first round of Nectar For the Gods 1/4 strength
I think I’m going to like these nutes :sunglasses::v:


Those really look nice @70sChick ! I am looking forward to the time I can use my sample nutrients for sure !!


Thanks @FreakyDeekie


@70sChick They look great. I cant wait to use my NOTG sample pack too. My seedlings are only a little younger then yours so, and i plan on using the same nutes so ill def. be following along. Thanks


@MattyBear please do bro
@70sChick go full streaght the girl. Will love you for it I promise it’s organic and will be hard to burn your plant you can but much harder :+1: go with the seed Column for now looking good
So you have the schedule from mfg ?
Good to hear @RookieReefer you have pics post a few for us buddy


Just for info guys sorry photos aren’t the best
I heard some of you didn’t receive this


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971
I went full strength this week. We must be on the same wavelength @Countryboyjvd1971.
Here’s week 2 side by side photo. I can’t wait to see week 3 after going full strength! This Nectar For the Gods is AWESOME!


I had to flower mine early cause I feed full since o started put them in flower about 5-1/2 weeks from sprout Woohoo GL and promix Bx using the nectar
I’ll get some updated pic tonight @70sChick


Looking forward to the pix @Countryboyjvd1971


Will do soon as I get home tonite. They’re just starting to poke thru the netting now set at 30". Loving the NFG so far. The daily foliage spray seems to be helping - lots of new growth since 2nd topping last week.



@MattyBear @70sChick @Familyman420 @FreakyDeekie
Pics from tonite when I finally made it home.
101117 Above Scrog

101117 Under Scrog

101117 Overview

So far they are just growing like crazy - and I have yet to flip the lights. I’ll wait til I can tuck at least a few branches of each before making the change. They’ve been topped twice so far.

The autos (Fox Farms nutes) are 65 days from sprout and the buds have really started to thicken-up over the last few days.

Blueberry Auto



Those look great @RookieReefer Thanks for posting!! :green_heart::seedling:


@RookieReefer those look awesome!


Email yesterday from Growcentia.
Picked up my bottle of Mamoth P and a few other things at the local.

Will post contents of package tonite.


@Screwauger did you ever get your AN nutes? If so how did you like the ph perfect ones?


Yes at @VelcroThumb

I am using the ph perfect sensi grwo/bloom A&B right now and so far, so good!


@Screwauger Are those the only nutrients you were using right now? All these nute companies have so many nutes! Research on what to use is too abundant to cycle through and decipher!