Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs


I’ll check out their page right now, need some new reading material anyways ha


How do you get these nutes @Countryboyjvd1971


Search for Nectar for the gods sample on google and it was my first hit from a company called Oregon’s Only @Sasquatch . Sorry, can’t post the link on here.


cool thanks @FreakyDeekie


@Sasquatch that’s how I got them lol
Worth the small fee imo
Hope they work well


I’m waiting to hear back from them. But yea I’m willing to give them a try. FF trio or I should say the Tiger Bloom drops the pH way to much. time I mix up nutes it take almost 25,l of ph up to get to a 6.9 ph. Its cause me a lot of headaches. either this or flower power next grow


Yeah I believe they will drop the ph down as well theyvdo send ph organic to use with the nutes
My issue with the ff is the salt build up and the need to flush so often
Also it’s not 100% organic only the big bloom is organic @Sasquatch and it took about 24 hours to here back from Patrick at nectar


I’m still getting some leaves yellowing. think I’m going to hit it with the sledgehammer again. its not as bad as it was but they are starting to flower and I want them to have no stressors . going to do it with normal wating. then hit the nutes tomoarrow


Hey @bryan

My father in law was visiting when the box of Nectar came and both he and my wife looked at it and determined it was a 12pk of craft beer that I had ordered. I doubt they put much thought into it and of course, there is the mail delivery folks who may know but you would have to read the captions in their logo’s to know it was nutes.


Sounds good bro @Sasquatch
The one yellowing may have been damaged but not showing yet ?
Another flush won’t heart imo you’ll need to feed them I’m sure since all will be stripped out of soil
I don’t hate the ff line it works well just looking for alternatives bro
The ups guys I know don’t care they just want the boxes off thier trucks so they can go home lmfao


I’m trying going half strength on the grow big and I have some stuff called kool bloom that’s a 0-10-10 nute. adding that to it with grow big. the kool bloom dosent really drop the ph but about 0.2 points. I mix in 2 gal jugs to give you some perspective on the ph up


Gotta love that craft beer. I saw the box on their website, it does look like a beer box, and with their name Nectar, ya can’t really blame them for mistaking it. My White Queen seed is doing well with the TechnaFlora line so far, been ten days and she starting to take off now. Plan is to only run 1 bucket with them and should last the whole grow. Want to see how they compare to GH line.


Note from Patrick today.
$29.- to New England.

Add that to your commission total…

I’m also interested in alternatives to FF nutes.
Requested a free sample of Mammoth P from another site as well.
Next grow.

Thanks for the pointer!!


Can you post a link to the free mammoth p please @RookieReefer


No problem - I hope this doesn’t get me slapped/banned…


They only ship to COMMERCIAL addresses, so like me you will need to pickup at your local hydro store.

Good Luck!


Thanks @RookieReefer I’ll say it’s my fault.


I wish there was a hydro store near me but the closest is around 100 miles


From what I’ve read and learned about mammoth p it is wroth the drive @FreakyDeekie. 100 miles is about an hour and a half one way maybe check it out.


@FreakyDeekie I agree with @Wishingilivedina420state. Sounds like the best reason for a bone cruise. My place is about a half hour each way - so I guess I’m a bit spoiled. Thankfully I do live in a 420 state…


Did you guys get the small bottle of photosynthesis plus with your sample packs?

It’s a competitor to mammoth p. I don’t think it’s as good, or goes as far, but supposedly does same thing.