Let's talk Nectar for the Gods Sample Packs


Well, I am not sure now if I can use this as a topic but I will proceed and figure the authorities will take it down or have me change the topic if necessary. I would like to get a discussion started on these nutrients, which many of us just received or have ordered in the past few weeks. Anyone using them now? What and when are your plans for using them? Does anyone think it’s a bad thing to switch to this system mid cycle? I want to hear your honest opinions! First time grower, I have 2 WW Autos which are a week and a half into flower, 2 gold leaf which look like they might be thinking about flowering, and 2 unknown bag seed, definitely more indica than sativa but bigger than just indica alone, They are all 8 weeks old. Running 14/10 light schedule on 600 watt HPS, and a couple of miscellaneously placed for underneath coverage. Anyway, just a thread for talking this plant food/other plant food/ or whatever the heck you have to say :slight_smile:

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Nectar For The Gods Nutrients

I’m not aware of anyone using them on here but I would also welcome some who is or has used them to put some input on the subject
Thanks for starting the thread @FreakyDeekie
I don’t think theres an issue with it being a topic since your not selling anything or putting any links up to there site my friend just looking for info :+1:


Mine should be here Friday, going to start feeding in about a week, we shall see how they work soon enough…


I’m excited to find out I plan on using on my next grow as well dropping beans at the end of the week was thinking of doing a side by side using ff as well since I have a lot of on hand ? To many decisions @Ron330 lol


That sounds complicated @Countryboyjvd1971 . I am having a hard time mixing different nutrients for my 2WW Auto in flower, and the other 4 plants. It looks like my two Gold Leafs are thinking about going into flower but the sites look so different than the WW’s so worried that they are thinking of sexing male but no real clear sign yet. I can’t imagine having to mix 2 different systems. Givin’ me a headache just thinking about it. Looking for those leaves that dried to cure it :slight_smile:


Figured I would just use the Nector line this grow, and compare pics of the WWA with my 1st grow using FF… I would go crazy trying to use both side by side… good luck @Countryboyjvd1971


I think :thought_balloon: I can do it I have two separate tents so I was thing two gold led in one using fox farm line and two in the other using The nectar line
Also I’m going to be issuing pro mix Bx as well in the nectar pots and ffof in the fox farm pots :+1:
So my ph will be different as well since promix you ph closer to hydro at like 5.8-6 ph ?
Maybe I’ll just use ffof for both or promix for both still haven’t decided that part yet @FreakyDeekie


Anything for the knowledge we want brothers lol
It should be a good test tho imo @Ron330 @FreakyDeekie


From the research I have done I don’t think I would start using them in the middle of a grow I would finish the current grownwith the current nutrient system being used.

From what I have read this line of nutrients is a calcium based nutrient line. Looking at the NPK values of each product they don’t really have a lot of nitrogen in them. From what I’ve gathered you will want to go start to finish using the sample pack as each of the different nutrients are designed for a certain purpose.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll be trying them in sunshine #4 so I’ll be following along with your grow in the promix to see how well it does with the lower PH.


Mine are in NH and look to be delivered tomorrow.
Since they are organic based, I suspect I will store them and use them outdoors next summer (I hope they store that long).
Organic nutes are not recommended for my autopot system as they tend to have sediment which messes with tubing.
Glad to have them though as bartering here in ME is a common practice. I will gladly give you nutes for four of those luscious clones…
I just spent a small fortune on nutes for my next grow as I am switching from GH to AN to give their pH perfect line a try.
Thanks again for the tip @Countryboyjvd1971


I just got mine yesterday gonna wait for my WWA to germinate now and use them on that, the sample pack came with a load of stuff including a chart on how and when to use them so I’ll definitely be following this thread to see if anyone has used them or liked them. On another note I don’t think changing nutes mid grow would be a good idea, could throw the plants off some and no reason to possibly stress the plants out.


I’ve heard good things about the advanced nutrients.
I order a couple flower power starter packs for my next grow.
I was actually thinking of using the sample pack in my veggie garden also rather than on cammabis but I’m sure I’ll probably just go for a Cannabis grow instead. Decisions decisions


I guess I have decided to just use my sample nutes either in my garden or save them for if I am allowed to grow again. Still looking for those who have it and are using, if any. Chime in!!


I got mine delivered but I’m currently using FF nutrients so I’ll probably wait until my next grow so I can see the difference. It’s a great deal really with the amount of nutes they give you. I think my shipping costs were about $25. It’s a great business model imo


did they have stealth shipping with the sample pack? I have a sample pack from TechnaFlora I just started one of my buckets on, plan is one plant, start to finish on their line only. wouldn’t mind doing another with Nectar brand.


Not at all! But it didn’t bother me anyways it is what it is. It came in a white box but their logo was printed all over it. Easily over 90% of the box was logo from top to bottom to every side it said nectar for the gods. I’ll be doing two WWAutos with the samples if they live, always get nervous before they pop up.


thanks for info, guess I will have to pass. too bad tho. The Technaflora pack came stealth, but cost 45$. was a pretty good deal, 9 different items and 3 were pint bottles. started it last week on a White Queen


Hmm you do have to talk to a rep before they send you the packs so maybe you can ask them for a discreet packaging, doesn’t hurt to ask. I got 6 32oz bottles of their juice and 2 pints for 22 bucks so can’t really beat that. I might have to hit up technafloras sample pack too how’s your plants doing on those?


Techna plant growing well so far, no complaints. Just a baby tho.