Let's talk lights!

I’m just getting back into indoor growing after a couple years and this is my first time setting up my own room entirely on my own.

All of my experience has been with HPS lights and I’m highly considering LEDs to save on space, heat and electricity.

I have began to do my research for LEDs that I would consider to flower with in my 4 × 8’ room.

HLGs have been mentioned by everyone I’ve spoken with and I have been reading up on specs and comparisons.

I’m interested in LEDs that would be a good beginner level upgrade from my 1000w HPS’

Any knowledge or advice from those with personal experience would be greatly appreciated !

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There’s no beginner leds just good ones and bad ones


HLG makes fabulous lights. Chilled Logic, Gravita, and others also make good lights.

The most important factor for evaluating lights is the efficacy of the diodes. Higher quality LEDs have high efficacy ratings. You can’t go wrong with lights built with Samsung LM301 series diodes (b or h model.) Even some of the newer Spider Farmer models are going in the right direction, though I am still skeptical of any manufacturer who has a history of making burple lights.

The marketing hype around the Amazon burple lights is just that - hype. Please don’t fall for their claims.


If you have budget in mind that would help 4x8 is a large space

I have four QB260 rspecs in my 8x4 tent and they’re brilliant mate. I moved across from 600 hps and have never looked back. Initial cost was high so I used two QB260’S alongside two 600 hps and the difference was noticeable. As soon as I could afford it I splashed out on another two :sunglasses:


I had a 5x9 tent before I pulled the tent and just started using the entire room(dropped a few degrees) I have 2 hlg 650r. Awesome lights!! But if I could do it all over again… I’d probably use 4-6 of the 260s or along those lines. Multiple create a better spread. I’d strongly recommend a decent par meter as well. Great lights do less if you’re not in their sweet spots.
Happy Growing!!


This is what I thought about recommending. There are larger lights available, but 4 260 XLs gets the job done nicely and having 4 of them helps in that they can be moved around to maximize canopy coverage.


Thank you all for the replies. As someone who has always figured a lot of things out on my own, I really appreciate having some buddies to shout to !

When I mentioned beginner level lights, what I mean is something worthy and affordable as I know they can be quite an investment.

My local grow store has the HLG 600R for $700 + tax and the 650R for $850 + tax.

The 600R is Samsung LM301B and the 650R is LM301H.

Another benefit for myself with HLG is that they are manufactured within the states and provide a 3 year warranty.

I would like to feel fully comfortable with what I get into and without having the opportunity to see anyone else’s setup in play - I think I may upgrade one light at a time.

Even if this means a smaller run my first time around, this will be a big investment for me and I would like to play it safe to get myself set up for the long run.

I totally understand the concept of smaller lights and more control on coverage but I am unfirmilar with the model you’re suggesting and I’m unsure what a par meter is.

I would be glad to continue my homework on my own if anyone would like to provide links so I can make sure I’m looking up the right products.

Thank you everyone !

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Thank you I’m going to do my homework on these suggestions !

@MidwestGuy @420qc

Have a look at @Hellraiser lighting setup. It’s along the same lines as you are looking for. I like having the 4 individual lights as it gives me more flexibility to move things around a bit. I totally get the investment thing. My first pair of 260s cost me around £600. My second set cost me £700. £1300 in total, that’s why I split the cost and run with two 260s and two 600 watt hps for a while but the heat was killing my RH and I was forced into it in the end

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I’m in the same sort of situation, the heat is leaving me with limited options as I am not an AC guy.

I’m researching the 260s now - how long have you been running them and how have they done compared to your HPS ?


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This is my first grow with all leds. Previously it was half and half. Between the two halfs of my previous grow there was a noticeable difference in size and quality


I’ve been hearing nothing but great feedback about LEDs.

Now it’s just time to decide which ones are right for me.

Has anyone ever checked out the HLG 300L RSPEC ?

I can get 2 of those for $100 more than the 600R and have more freedom with my lights.

@MidwestGuy @Davyg


I LOVE my 300L.

Yes I would personally go with more lights than bigger ones freedom to adjust if your plants won’t cooperate and stay the same size.


The 300 is the 260 only they build it for you. Two of mine are 300s. I asked the hlg guys what the difference was and basically it’s not a kit


If it was an upgrade of some sort then I would’ve bought 4 and sold the 260s. The 300s have an upgraded dimmer that comes in its own mount and is fixed to the heatsink

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I have much experience with bending and directing my canopy but I feel I may enjoy the ability to adjust my lighting more.

Thanks Davy that was my next question is the comparison. If I can save a few bucks a learn a bit more by installing my own I’m in.

So would you say 4 of the 260s is roughly equivalent to a 1000w HPS ?


I think it’s a touch more. I would need to look up the specs. I wasn’t offered the choice, it was the 300 or nothing. Nice red heatsink though :heart_eyes:

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Look directly at HLG. The 600r is on sale at the moment for $699 (free shipping), but you can find a code for an additional 15% off. I would give it to you, but that’s against forum rules.

I’d make the generalization that there are 3 distinct form factors in LED grow lights; COB, PCB (aka Quantum Board ™), and arrays. I think the array style is the ideal (see Gavita 1700e) because it has the best chance of even canopy coverage. Most of my lights are HLG Quantum Boards though, including the 600r (+UV supplement fixture) which I recently purchased for a 4’x4’ canopy.

I came up using HPS and fluorescent tubes. The LED fixtures, IMHO, have put HID lamps to rest for most situations. The drawback of the LED options is the high startup cost, but the ROI is pretty quick.