Let's talk DIY lights


I atleast want 300w but would like 600w. Il use it for flower only. I already have 2 600w hps/mh for the main light. I want the performance of the led to fill in the resin as it does. I was thinking maybe even makin it a 1000w led if i can an put it in the middle of the 2 600w hps. The measurement of the light is :(12.2 x 8.27 x 2.36)" / (31 x 21 x 6)cm (L x W x H). If i have to use a external driver i will


Thank you so much for takin the time an helping me out. I greatly appreciate it. Using up your time to help me. Bless you


Well, I have bad news. Without a usable heatsink in that case it would be nearly impossible to cram 300 true watts into that case. If it were possible, it definitely wouldn’t be cost effective or make sense to have that much led power over that small of a footprint.

Just to put it into perspective, I don’t believe that light had 60 10 watt diodes. The white may have been 10 watt, but if I were to bet I’d say the red and blue were 3 watt, maybe 5 tops. And those dim diodes in my experience usually have a forward voltage under 3 and are around 700ma max. But that would be quoting the Cree and luxeon lines, which are probably much better than whatever the builder used.

I’m thinking you could probably fit a quantum board within that case, or some Samsung or bridgelux strips. But we’re talking a max of 150ish watts with the quantum board, and hlg is out of stock on the heatsink that would be required. We’d have to get some internal measurements to even be sure the heatsink and board would fit. You’d probably be looking at around $150 or so if it would fit, and again we’re talking 100-150 watts. Granted, it will blow the socks off what was in there. But it’s not going to match a 600 watt hps.

Now if you want to abandon using that light altogether, sky is the limit.


Def think im gonna abandon then. $150 for 150watts isnt worth it. Im pretty sure i can get one of them marshydro 300w for like $139 i believe? @dbrn32 if u were me, had 2 600w hps an wanted the benefits and performance a led had, an what it does to buds…o an you had about a $200 limit. What would you get? 2 300watt led for side light or 150 watt? A 1000 or 1200watt for the middle of the 2 600w hps on top? What would you do brother?


Well it’s really difficult to compete with the amount of light hps puts out for the dollar. Here is what I feel in my experience. Those Mars lights are fairly good for the price. However, it’s just a better put together version of the light you’re trying to replace. And unless there are some models I’m not aware of, their 300w model is not a 300 watt light. It’s probably more like +/- 100 watts. You’d have to link whatever particular model for me to be sure. Now their 600w model is probably close to 300 watts. You really have to comb through the descriptions to see if you can find an actual power draw.

That being said, you’re probably still going to come in cheaper with any of the Amazon lights than you can build a cob or mid power light for. Watt for watt, you’ll be able to smoke any of those same fixtures with a build. I won’t say one is better than the other, you have to weigh your options. Buying a high end commercial fixture is big , you can replicate it for about half the cost with some elbow grease, or you can save a ton of money and buy something from amazon. I don't have any issue saying from the Amazon light to building one, you'll get every penny worth in extra performance. But if you don't have or want to invest the , it’s a moot point.

Can some of you guys using the mars, galaxy, viparspectra, king, or whatever else weigh in here on what’s out there within a $200 budget?

As far as a build, you can get going with $200. What is the area you’re growing in? And you’re looking to either put some led power between the two 600 watt hps, or add led as some side lighting?


Il go with adding led for the sides. Il post that pic of the discription now. Thank you again @dbrn32 Your a big help seriously and anyone who can put there input in is welcome also. Thank you


You betcha bro!

I would help more with those lights if I could, but other than telling you about checking the actual power draw I don’t have much experience with them unless they’re already broken.

There are some really good deals on led replacement tubes that would probably work good for side lighting. You can buy them cheaper than can be built usually. Probably a good low cost option if you’re room/tent is big enough. Otherwise give it a little time and I’m sure some of the other members can give you more feedback on the other lights.



You were rite again. Lol. 130w draw. @dbrn32 im gonna comb through some lights now. If i find one that i think is a good one im gonna post it here an tag you and i want your honest opinion sir. If you get a chance to it. Thank you so much for clarifying some things for me about leds. I thoughts i had a rocket idea but i prolly woulda just zapped myself into a coma. Lmao. Or blew my circuit box up lol. Thank you again


Hahaha, more than likely just a little arcing/sparking followed by a breaker trip and the magic smoke coming out.

Again that’s probably not a bad light, you just have to understand what you’re getting. If you were expecting 300 actual watts of efficient high efficacy lighting, you’d be very disappointed.


Since you’re looking to add for flowering, I would suggest something that hits the peak of red spectrum. I was looking at a viparspectra the other day that produced a ton of blue, but was really weak in the red. Probably not the ideal light for your situation.


Lmao followed by my wife screaming "Chris, what the heck are you doin? Setting sh*t on fire?!?! Lmao. Yea i hear mars isnt a bad company. And $139 for 2 135 actual watt leds doesnt seem lile a bad deal? Do you know of any lights 150-300 actual watts around that price range?


Bigger version of the mars light maybe? You’re probably looking for the ones that say 600-1000w. Should be a couple of them in that range.



276 pull for $161.

This is what I’m running along with a 1000W (250 actual) no name in my 4x4 tent.

Quick question for you. This light has the Veg and bloom switch. Should I be running both switches on for Veg?



Pretty good output for the price, I agree!

There’s not really a right or wrong way with those switches, but I can explain the benefits to with and without.

With the veg portion on and the bloom off your light will have less output and cover less area. However your plant will have less tendency to want to stretch out under just the blue. Typically creating that tight bushy node spacing a lot of growers like to see.

When you add the red section, or bloom as I believe the switch is labeled, the plants will react by wanting to stretch out to that red spectrum. Similar to what plants do under conditions that don’t have enough light, but not as bad.

If you’ve seen plants that are almost as round as they are tall, and have very thick canopies, those were most likely veged under a heavy blue or cold white spectrum. If you’ve seen plants that are taller with large gaps between nodes and/or buds, those most likely had a lot of red in their veg spectrum.

Your particular light doesn’t seem to produce a lot of red according to the manufacturer. See pic below

Assuming that’s with both switches on, it doesn’t reach the peak of the McCree curve. So this wouldn’t produce as much stretch under bloom as a light that does. But I’m sure it would stretch at least be a little more than without. So to answer your question, go with just blue for a shorter more bushy plant, or both for a little bit taller plant in veg. And run that puppy wide open when you hit the flower stage. The blue isn’t as critical then, but the extra photons will help with yeild.


I’ve seen a couple growers here say they used this light. It seems to be a polar opposite to yours. I didn’t look to see if it had switches or not, but the manufacturer data suggests that it produces very little in the blue spectrum and a butt load of red.


I have 2-300w MarsHydro LED’s, actual power draw is 130 plus/minus 4 I believe. They’re in my flower tent and I love them, they have worked great for me so far. I replaced a 600w HPS with these 2 LED’s and a T5 fixture hanging vertically on the side.

I also have 2-300w Roleadro 2nd Gen LED’s that I love! I just got them a couple weeks ago tho so I can’t really give a review just yet, but these 2 LED’s replaced my 600w MH for my veg tent.

My next buy are the parts to make a COB fixture for my veg tent, and I’ll move the 2 Roleadro LED’s into the flower tent with the 2 MarsHydro LED’s!



On a side note, I got these 4 LED bulbs at Walmart tonight when I stopped by to grab some baggies and diet tea when I decided to go by the home improvements section. I’m very happy I did!

So I paid $5 per bulb, which I knew immediately was a great price or the LED’s. They are flood light style LED’s, and are both at 5000k (perfect for veg) and produced 1000+ lumens each. One draws 13w and the other draws 12w. I went home, and took the cover off the 2 bulbs that I could, but I couldn’t manage to get the other bulb covers off!! I took pictures for everyone. I know that the covers are actually taking away from the light so I take them off @dbrn32 had mentioned this as well with other fixtures out there.

After buying them, I stopped by Giant (grocery store) to grab some mushrooms, and saw the same exact bulbs being sold for a whopping $26.99!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I made damn sure to take a picture lol!

Same exact bulb, just in the warm white spectrum (2500k)!



@ktreez420 you just gave me a great idea! :yum:


I think i mite make a fixture out of them screw in leds! Thank you


Definitely do-able! I’m going to hang each one of these in the corners of my veg tent to aid in better light coverage! All together, I’ll have spent $20 for LED’s, $6 on extension cords, and $6 for 4 outlet/bulb adapters. In total, $32 for 50w of LED lighting, true 50w! I’m happy lol, but this is just supplemental lighting for the veg tent.

I will buy the parts for my COB within the month I just need to gather some funds lol! Jerry’s invoice is $246 for everything including shipping ($80 which does not make me happy to see!), and my invoice for Rapid is $149 including shipping. I’ll be spending $395 for a 4 COB setup. COB’s and canopy rail from Rapid. Driver, graphite thermal pads, wago thermal blocks, and 180mm(7") heat sinks from Jerry… I really only wanted to spend $200-$300, but I guess that’s out the window lol