Let's talk DIY lights



Very nice!


Now to regulate the temperature. Still have 2 blurple lights for now but I’m almost done with this grow.

I set the drivers on both at around 80% by guess. Plants are 18" below. Any suggestions on getting closer or not?


Man your setup looks awesome


You can go closer, but give them a little time to adapt to the different light spectrum. I’d probably look to get them to 100% at 12” over 2-3 gradual increases and see how they do there. I’ve only veged under them, so I definitely wasn’t looking to push plants too hard. @MAXHeadRoom says he can get his qb’s to within 6”, and that’s pretty much same type of light levels you’re working with. You just have a little more spread, so that should definitely be in your wheel house.


Excellent! I’m not going to push it even though they sit outside for half of their day.


Second rail built. I’ll do the third on Saturday. Worked first try! Much easier this time around.

Won’t let me post a pic from my phone for some reason.


Here you go:

Only thing I didn’t do is cut the end pieces and bolt them on… not even sure I really need to but I guess better safe than sorry. This time around instead of soldering the driver to the power cord and light I just used some wago-style connectors I got on Amazon after watching a Growmau5 video… that made this whole process super simple.


Awesome! Them wagos are definitely time savers too.

When you were building the first set I didn’t realize the cobkit sinks were already set up to be mounted. That’s why I suggested using the end caps, to keep the rails rigid. Since you can run bolts in both sides, you can do without them if you’d like. Doesn’t really make much difference.

Congrats on build #2 buddy!


Yeah, that looks awesome, dude! You and @dbrn32 were my inspiration lol.


My first diy light (20w cob - I start with small ones :joy:)
I think I don’t need a fan for this but I will see how hot will get


Oh yeah, getting it going :sunglasses:
Nice , will be :eyes: to see how it does.
Good luck my Lil European comrade


Thank you my dear friend @Nug-bug :+1:… I’m still waiting for more parts to arrive :joy:… This is just a experiment… If I will get positive results I will build something beautiful :joy: :joy:


Seeet! Thanks for posting, and welcome to the club. Make sure to keep us updated please.


Of course friend… I just wait to get the other parts to come…


So how many watts is that? Microprocessors that use those heat sinks typically are 60 watts, but they always use a fan mounted right on the heat sink. I suppose you can always add a fan if it runs too hot. The COBs I use run about 80 or 90 watts but about half of that is light so they put about 40-45 watts into the heat sink. I was thinking of using microprocessor heat sinks with fans, because they are so cheap.


That heat sink is for processor and the cod is 20w cheap Chinese cob.


It will be interesting to see if it runs at a reasonable temperature without a fan. Latest generation COBs are about 50% efficient, but I have no idea how good the Chinese ones are. If they are close, then it should work without a fan.


The problem is that I don’t have a thermometer to check the temperature… I have a baby thermometer instead and I will see if is any good


How does the heatsink feel if you touch it after it’s been on for about 45 min?