Let's talk DIY lights


Kind of a bad day yesterday. Too many people!! After a tuneup from you guys it pretty much went together in half an hour lol.

Now I need to install rigid gussets in the top of my grow box to support these hogs! Just got back from HD with lumber.


I forgot to ask earlier, but does the footprint appear to be what you were looking for, from at least thumb eyeball method? I know we kinda tossed around a couple of different layouts, just wondering how that appears to have turned out?


Any of you guys looking for the cute little connectors that come with qb kits. They’ve probably been on here, but I never really looked. Can be just as handy with cob builds.

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thank you @dbrn32,i may replace the wire nuts with a three way!


Sweet. That’s what I used. Easy enough to throw together!


Excellent thanks!


Ya, that 3 way would be very good for your two driver setup.


How close can you run these to your plants? And I can’t find any par specs on them?


Yes, I think 3 fixtures total will fill the space nicely. I’m adding support because all up these 3 fixtures will probably weigh 50 lbs.


Inside of 12” I’m sure, probably dependent on strain and other metrics of grow to an extent. On average, I wouldn’t be surprised if 6-8” can be a reality. Not that you would necessarily need to in order to get density. Output current probably play in as well.

I’m sure someone has something on them, I’ll look around some tonight.


She’s up and running. Thought I’d run it and see how warm it gets.


awesome work @Myfriendis410


Looks good and we’ll put together


Should equalize after about 45 min. What kind of temps are you seeing?


As thick as the heatsink is I don’t think his temps are going to get to high just my opinion


I agree. But he’s looking, so I’d like to know lol. Ideally, want to see those sink temps come up a little just so we know they’re pulling heat. But I don’t suspect any issues either.


I’m at 95° F with no airflow on it. I think I did a pretty good job of centering this one. The next 2 will be WAY easier.

I don’t know if you can see, but I have about 10" of freeboard in the back so my actual footprint is 36". The fixture is 30" so I think that will work well.

The light has a different feeling on the back of the hand. Fantastic coverage. Now I need to figure out how to adjust it. I’m assuming a small Phillips under the cap.

Sorry about the blurple lol.


Ya, it’s like a rubber plug. Phillips inside.

95f on the sinks? Just out of curiosity, how are you measuring?

If they’re gonna sit there with just the natural air movement in your room I wouldn’t even sweat messing with a fan on them.


I have my IR thermometer which is giving me good readings off the painted surface ON TOP. I haven’t measured the face yet.


You’ll be plenty good.

I was wondering if you had like a temp probe for a multimeter. You can measure tc on leds with that. Ir won’t measure it accurately, blah!

But if you’re seeing 95 ish on sinks, even if you’re 10 higher on case temps that’s like 40c. Still 10c less than they’re binned at with 700ma. Pretty safe to say you done good lol. Nice job on everything!