Let's talk DIY lights


Thanks. I’ve got another connector at the other end but time to medicate! A little Gold Leaf attitude adjustment.


Ughhh, sorry bud was on baby duty!


You couldn’t get it in even tinned? I just walked out to garage and slid a piece right in one of the 280mm strips I have sitting here. If you tried with a pair of needle nose like I suggested I’m surprised. Grabbing some stuff and heading inside, I’ll post a couple pics in a few.


Ok @Myfriendis410 right here is what @Onlythebest79 was saying. They act as a little clamp. For whatever reason, I never had a problem just pushing them in. Maybe they upgraded connector or something.

But if you lightly depress the tab at the little indent they go in really easy.

I would slide the wire in until you feel it touch the clamp. And then hold light pressure against wire while you press the tab. The tab barely moves, so don’t lean on it expecting it to. But a light push on the indent will open it. Perhaps practice on the end with the broken one? Once you get the feel for it shouldn’t be difficult at all.

I’m real sorry you’re having hard time getting them in, and i was tied up. I never had to do that on mine. Otherwise I would’ve at least mentioned it.


Dude, not your fault! I’m obviously out of touch with some of this stuff. I guess my NASA solder cert ain’t worth much lol.

You guys were a great help!


I just want you to get your new gear running. When you get a chance to give it another try let me know.


We’re tucked in for tonight. I’ll be back at it in the a.m.


it may seem trivial when you wake back up @Myfriendis410.
sometimes i get frustrated at a project and just have to walk away from time to time…lol
this is not failure!
you may have different approach that will make everything fall into place!


Done! A couple of tie Wrap retainers and I can start beefing up the space to support them.

When I plugged it in I thought a hole formed in my roof haha! It’s BRIGHT!


Looks like it didn’t take long to get those connectors figured out lol.

Looks nice too!


Looks awesome @Myfriendis410! Nice job on the build!


It’s a monster!


I can confidently say it’s way better than anything you’d get built for the money you spent.


What is.lyour output and spectrum on this fixture now?


I’m jelly and nice work


Should be about 240 Watts at strips, little over 250 at wall. Bridgelux 3000k (solid black line)


Is lm/W measurements covered on those somewhere in this thread?


it is amazing what a little sleep does to refresh and recharge us!
good job @Myfriendis410


Looking phenomenal @Myfriendis410 it’ll grow something!


They’re 159 at 700ma at 50c, chart stops there. And that’s on no thermal interface. I’d be willing to bet they’ll be at or below the 50c tc on the tubing, and probably still come in the 150ish mark at 1050.

In comparison to your setup, this one is shifted a little more to photometric energy. As opposed to yours, where you’re getting a little boost in blue and shifted more towards reds. It’s going to show more radiometric energy than photometric energy. So the strips may show a little more luminous efficacy, but yours will show a little more par per watt than lumens.

Both pretty solid though.