Let's talk DIY lights


I just got a line on some osram ssl 660’s mounted on a large pcb. They’ll need to come from Europe, but we’ll see how things go. Could be interesting. @1BigFella did you come across them in your search?

If things seem to be solid with these guys, may have found you a diy supplier @M4ur.


Wow… That is a good news if is true :+1:… I need to get back on track with this thread…
I will love to see something like quantum boards but in Europe :joy: @dbrn32


Knock off boards are available via alibaba. It doesn’t sound sound like they are using top bin diodes though. Prices seem to be in the $20-$30 range.


osram ssl 660 nm LEDs: I see that Digikey has 475-3279-1-ND which is a one amp max red LED that runs $1.76 if you buy 25 of them. They describe them as “LED OSLON SSL120 RED 657NM SMD”. So you would have to solder surface-mount parts to use them. They have over 15000 of them ready to ship.

The only thing I have bought from Osram was a MH conversion bulb. This was cool because it worked with an HPS ballast, so it was great if you wanted to switch bulb types. But that was several years ago.


It looks like they have ssl 80 and ssl 120 I’m at least 7 diodes per pcb and possibly 12 diodes per pcb. I believe the ssl 120 is 80 degree viewing angle.

Trying to figure what bins these have and pricing. Otherwise I think I may get some strips from cutter.


:thinking: put the link but whit some spaces, to not be able to access it… Please
Exemple: Amazon . com



I bookmark this page… Now, what I need to look at? :rofl:


I guess I’ll have to go look lol.


I’m not sure what the price conversion is, but this cob looks pretty good.


Yep you need to help me out with that :joy:, you tell me=you help me :joy:… But not now because I don’t have any money to invest right now :disappointed_relieved:
Let me throw a look on that website first, choose something in my price range and then I will ask you about it. Thx a lot for this information :v::clap:


For sure bud!

I’ll see if they respond to my email and go from there. May not be anything special at all. I just seen it was on your part of the globe and thought I’d let you know.


I will see how the final cost goes, again, thank you for your time friend :+1:.
This is conversion for euro-dolar :grin:


@dbrn32, I can NOT figure out how to make the connection on the strips. The wire, 18 GA hook up wire, will not latch to the connector on the strip. I even tinned it and stripped it way back to see if I can connect and nothing.




There is a little white button on the connection. You have to push it down and push in the wire at the same time. I had to figure that out myself when installing my


Nope, no white button.


See the intention press it down into the box and slide wire into the hole


That indention has a plus or minus sign on it


Broke one already. Annoyed.




Here’s a pic you need a pen or nail to press it down