Let's talk DIY lights


How much are they charging for the whole set up? Did they say?


$799 I think there was pre orders for.


FYI last time I was at Home Depot the aluminum angle was twice as much as the rest of the aluminum offerings. Hah! Also, they only had 10’ in stock but had plenty of everything else. I imagined I was the last in a long line of indoor growers that bought them out of it. :slight_smile:

$30 but that doesn’t include any brackets for mounting heatsinks, etc. right? I think 10’ of aluminum angle at HD was like $20 when I bought it…$30 seems cheap to get it already fabricated. Maybe I should revisit them - the substrate is all I have left to acquire to complete the second phase of my build.


That’s correct - MSRP was $899 but they have a “sale” going on right now for $799.


And they said that is for a 4x4 area, so that’s not that bad. Still paying a premium but that’s expected lol


@Bogleg if you don’t go with something like that, check out online metals. Prices cheap enough to usually justify shipping.


For sure. In terms of it not taking really any expertise to put together, it’s cheaper than the other options.


It’s not bad at all. All said and done my build is to cover a 4x4 for flower and is comprised of the following:

Three identical rails of 5 Citizen CLU048-1212 90cri 3k COBs running at 40w each. COB’s at 10" on center (roughly, I think I came out to like 8" spacing).

I bought heatsinks and cobs from cobkits.com. Those cobs are still only $9 there… heatsinks are $21 I think.

I got my drivers from arrow at $51/each but free shipping.

So for each rail, without wire or framing material, my total cost for the entire light is $603 not including the cobkits shipping (Not sure how much that was).

All I need other than that is aluminum angle and some heat shrink tubing. I figure around $40 to get any of the incidentals I need to complete it and I’m into a complete COB-based light that can cover a 4x4 for flower for around $650.


That’s a awesome set up you have for just over $650. It definitely pays to build your own, if you are able to. Can’t wait to see your whole set up @Bogleg


Hopefully I’ll have it completed in a week or two - still waiting on delivery. :slight_smile:


thanks @dbrn32


Out of likes @BIGE @MattyBear @Bogleg

But I’m super stoked that you guys are all seeing the value in a little bit of web shopping and elbow grease. And I try to go easy on the elbow grease whenever possible haha!


@dbrn32 the 4X4 frame was $190 but the rails fit perfectly inside of it. It is slightly less that 4X4 so it fits great. All the COBS are very adjustable. Heck I could slide all of them over to one corner for some serious flowering of one plant!


So those tabs bolt to the side of the heatsinks, and then just slide into the channels inside correct?

And if you didn’t want it as a whole frame you could just grab three of the rail sets and run them each as three individual fixtures? Also, was I close at $30 for the rail and then it’s a few bucks for the brackets right? @MattyBear was asking if you didn’t catch it.


Correct @dbrn32. I caught the discussion missed who it was for @MattyBear. Yep, the rails all slide right in, and are completely removable stand-alone units/rails. The only thing that might need to changed is the wiring that link the drivers together. Your wiring may vary. Easy fix.
I don’t know the price on the smaller rails for a string of cobs, as mine was sold as a kit. I bet you aren’t that far off though. The rails really do make it easy, but if you’re on a budget and have a home improvement store angle aluminum might be more affordable. No big box store here @MattyBear.
If pictures are needed, i can grab some after work, need to water anyways.


@dbrn32 got FedEx confirmation of my eb modules and driver! A trip to HD today and an Amazon delivery Wednesday and I’m set!


I’m glad we have someone that has used those rails before. They look to make things easy and I wouldn’t have to drill holes and fit the heat sinks. I like the flexibility to move the light where you want it positioned.


I just looked. They have them in a few different lengths. 41” which I’m guessing is what @Covertgrower has is $25. Another 5 per heatsink for brackets. They also make a driver mount and hanging kit compatible with it for additional .


Very nice! I’m sure you will, but definitely keep us posted.


I forgot about the driver mount. @MattyBear @dbrn32 those are very nicely engineered to fit right in.