Let's talk DIY lights


I think you will be really happy with your QBs but the smaller ones have a different spectrum that looks questionable. They might be better if they were blended at different spectrums


has anyone used ENNER heatsinks?
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I haven’t. But heatsinks are one of the biggest expenses that we would all love to reduce.


yea,i guess another trip to the scrap pile!!


Those 4 smaller QB boards might be perfect for a 4x3 designated veg tent. Unless I continue to upgrade my 4X8 space, then I can throw the China fixtures in there. Decisions. @dbrn32


I bought mine from HGL I think the first ones where $8.50ea and the second ones where $11.50 pretty cheap


17 min,i will like you guys again!


that is cheap!!!
we like effective and cheap
they were in china so someone would have to canoe them over.


I’ll be completely honest, it looks just about the same as everything else out there in 80cri. Maybe a little more from greens, but it peaks at about same point as everything else. Even the 3000k 80cri is about 600nm, and people have been rocking them for years.

Here is bridgelux chart


But now they don’t even offer those heatsinks and the replacements are $19 but much more efficient then the ones I have.


Even the qb 120. Don’t need a lot of intensity to veg, definitely some options.


I haven’t used or seen them, what did you find?


3,500K though…


Ya, as it’s been pointed out spectrum wise you can do a little better. I agree though, it’s hard to fight the knee jerk reaction of getting them just because they’re available.


Grabbed this pic too. Thought it maybe useful on a few different levels. You rarely see any type of reference like this for cfl’s. Or how much more par per watt the higher efficacy leds are actually producing.



This is what they are showing for spectrum on this board.


No likes left, and I don’t disagree. You see the similarities to the 3000k bridgelux? Maybe it appears different because the colors aren’t there. But note the relative intensity at the chart points. They’re very close.


Actually, the 4000 K spectrum looks a lot better: Lots of red and a full blue peak. The 3500 really sacrifices a lot of blue.

The nice thing about using that rectangular 1.5" by 6" tubing is that if they end up running too hot with all those strips, you can always mount a little 1 watt whisper fan on the end of the tubing and pull some air through it. Moving air is VERY effective.


It has as much or more blue than most are using for flowering lights. If you were looking to primarily veg the 4000k is a better option for veg for sure.

That’s good observation about the tubing. I don’t suspect it will be too big of a problem if case temps are 50c at 700ma on nothing at all. Mine run about 38c at 700ma on 1.5”x.125 bar stock in 78f ambient.


Yeah, 38 C is great, but I think he was talking about putting four strips on that tubing right next to each other. Very economical in terms of heat sink cost, but it might get a lot hotter. Just need to try it and see.