Let's talk DIY lights


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Is everyone losing there memory? @dbrn32 @MattyBear

I’m not sure where HGL is going with there smaller boards, ie: HGL 65 and HGL 132. I probably would not buy anything smaller then the QB288.

I wish they would start making boards with a mix of red and blue diodes with the samsung diodes.


You can get boards like that from chilled with all the data behind them. Otherwise photon phantom and stuff like that right?

I think the theory with smaller boards is options. The 36 volt fv makes it fit all of the cob drivers, so if you want to switch from cobs to qb same drivers are in play. The guys who are running a ton of boards at low power too, this can save them some cash. If you’re looking for coverage over power I think they can be a pretty useful option.

I lost my mind a long time ago lol. I just pretend like I’m with it very well sometimes.


I want to buy Photon Phantom Wavy Boards but they are always out of stock. I have also tried to contact him through his website and have NEVER got a response. And just today he has his wavy boards on sale for $40 but I went to buy 4 of them and it says they are out of stock. So I don’t know whats going on with him. I sent him a message through his website so we will see what happens. He has been known to not respond, and I think he picks and chooses who he wants to sell to.

Tragic because I like what he is doing with his boards. @dbrn32


It’s a little frustrating dealing with people like that, isn’t it?

It sounds like cutter bailed on his boards and is redesigning with lm301b, been a while since I’ve checked in on that.

Maybe trying some of these smaller qb’s and supplementing with some xpe he minis or strips can be an option?


4 of the qb132 would fit in 2by2?
or two 288 like @MAXHeadRoom was thinking…


I guess it all depends on your grow space. Right know I use half of my 9x6 room or should I say have enough to light half properly. If they where red and blue that would be great

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1 288 or 4 of the 132 would be plenty. You can’t really count just adding up the diodes. One 288 is going to be up to 150 watts with plenty of spread. Four of the 132 would be pushing the edge of more than you need, but you just drive them a little softer and take advantage of efficiency and having balance of 4 light sources.


outta likes @MAXHeadRoom


single driver?


Is the 132 75w per board? So 300w total?


Hgl says you can run 4 with 1- HGL 240H-C2100 driver


At max. In a 2x2 I would look at maybe 40-50 Watts per board. Especially without heatsink.

@BIGE lots of single driver options. Depending on what you’re looking to get out of them.


Are you sure they clear at 2100? I was thinking the 1750ma. I would have to look to be sure though


I like the idea and potential layouts but the spectrum on this light blows lol


The 3500k? @Daddy I’d probably like the 3000k better, but I’m sure they were first to sell out. The 3500k grows well though. Especially if you’re looking for a dual purpose or veg area that you’re not sure will stay that way. You have to remember they’re still using 80cri too, and less blues there. Where you get more blues with the 3500k but there’s not a big shift on the other end of spectrum.

It looked like 2700k was still available when I posted link too. But you’re really getting into flower only type o light there.


I’m sure that would work (1750) maybe even better. I just copied what they had on there website


Copy that. A little weird they would list max current at 2000ma in one place though and suggest 2100ma driver in a different place. Perhaps one or the other is a mistake, I’ll have to go look.


I looked at your link brother and they show the color spectrum in the images,… If it’s correct it has week blues and tons of green/yellow.


I have the 3500k QB. We will see how the buds swell and if it’s not to my liking I will add some 2700k supplemental lighting for flowering. I wanna get a couple runs in with the 3500k to see if I need to tinker or not.