Let's talk DIY lights


@1BigFella the other one was the Cree 3590’s which is what I have.


This video shows the difference in running the different reflectors. It’s a trade off for running your heights lower vs higher and/or more cobs vs less cobs per area. If you want a more even light canopy anyways. Also should be noted that there’s less overall photons as the reflectors and lenses don’t transmit 100% of light.


Great video, thanks for posting. @dbrn32


i really like this guy ! growmau and @dbrn32


Appreciate that! He’s pretty solid dude in terms of what offers up for the community. He recently took job in the industry working for chilled tech, so interesting to see what they have to offer in the future.


i’ll be looking because he has built some bad boy lights for sure!


For sure. One thing that’s really cool is that he’s never tried to shove any particular brand of led down your throat. He’s get them, shares his information and thoughts and then goes to the next one.


i wonder how that is going to work out under a company, ‘‘the man’’…lol


Well there’s been a decline in his activity, but I suppose that’s to be expected. He said in one of his more recent vids that he planned on keeping his YouTube channel separate from work stuff. I would expect him to involve some of it, but still continue to do the other stuff as well.

I’m sure it’s a sticky situation. Before if he thought something was shitty he could just say so. Now representing a company that would be looked upon as bashing another company, probably not the best either. On the other hand, since he has design influence at chilled, I would expect him to design boards the way he wants to see them. And being the essential third party for so long he has a good amount of knowledge to where competitors have weakness. So if they could make something that targets that, why wouldn’t he come out and say so right?

Like you said, we’ll see. But probably best to keep an open mind.




So some more info for everyone, Measured lux on my fixture today. I don’t run reflectors so i have blended light and my sweet spot is at 24 inches at 80k in the middle of the lights but is only 50k at 18 inches. the plants know though and grow into the empty spaces to grab the free light


@Banksmoney6485 did you figure out why your light didn’t turn off? Like @dbrn32 said it could be a possible neutral/ground mix up, and or the driver could be shot, I ended up swapping a driver out and it fixed the problem no wire issues :+1::wink: I’m still reading the thread so I hope you figured this out :+1::v:


Just reading and saw you might need this chart to help and others could see visually what the wavelengths mean (nm)


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It’s a bit more complicated than just chlorophyll a and b. You actually do get some benefit from green. There are other chemicals absorbing light all up and down the spectrum, except for yellow. Unfortunately early white LEDs used blue LEDs and a yellow phosphor! Perfectly missed all the important red peaks. COBs are better now because they use very complicated phosphor mixtures. But they still include a lot of wasted energy in the green and yellow.


HLG has quantum boards in stock early? I thought it wasn’t until 12/30?


Grab it!!! Lol :joy:


I will as soon as the paycheck gets deposited! Btw I LITERALLY just found your quantum board thread! lol your lady looks amazing bro.


Haha I know I just saw you posted on my thread after I said to grab it lol!!!


LOL tag people who need this light now!! :dark_sunglasses: