Let's talk DIY lights

I will ck in a few, I happened to bring the fixture in just now when I was locking up. Just gotta find an indoor screwdriver :upside_down_face:
Out dc voltage is what you was looking at?

Going to take an educated guess of 94vdc


It wouldn’t work on 64v driver if it was that high. Any indication of manufacturer that you could ask? You never know, they may even offer to send you a replacement.

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Well you see my education level :frowning: I can’t find 1 manufactures mark, found 1 recycle symbol on the globe :upside_down_face: I’ma get a flashlight and go over it again this eve.

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Wish i could help more, but basically in same boat. If i don’t have the info in front of me is merely a guess.

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I don’t give up very easy so I may be back bout this :thinking:

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Hi @dbrn32, how are you doing my friend… :grin:

I am finally mounting the led panels you sent me and has promised in the Lab, would post you the final product, would ask you in PM but all my PM has been erased, not only the Lab ones didn’t transfer and cause me some kind of headaches, lol, but also the ones here, on the public side.

I also need to talk to you in private or something, I ounce had your personal infos, in the deleted PM… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :roll_eyes: and simply ask you the permission for Ladithief to share them again with me… :pray: :innocent:

Thanks in advance “mon ami”

~Al :vulcan_salute::frog::innocent:


Happy Father’s Day! Not sure where to put this, but you’ll find it wherever it lands. Hope your summer is going well bud!


Thank you! Hopefully you had a great day as well!

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