Let's talk DIY lights


I’d have to go double check specs, but i think something like vero 13se may fit, i believe they’re around $6 per cob give or take. If not, bailing on strips all together and doing 2 36v cobs per driver would just about nail them. May be good to go citi 1212 or vero 18 at that point. I think your aluminum plate idea still a good one, maybe you could thumb eyeball to see if there’s room to sneak a couple pieces of low profile heatsink in there? With the fans you wouldn’t need a lot.


I’ll take some more measurements - the way this thing is packed together there isn’t a lot of head room. In any case it’s not an urgent need - more like a project to pass the time when I’m bored. :slight_smile:

Converting them to COB lights could provide a nice addition to the veg tent… I could see dropping one of these in the center right in the middle of the knock-off boards I have in there now.


If we can find a way to get close to filling drivers it would be close to flowering intensity with boards.

I have a couple of pieces of heatsink usa 2.079, very short in height department. And cheap! If they would fit i bet would be plenty.


Foot in mouth! It’s the vero 10 that has low voltage model, and 700ma is pretty much max current, forward voltage 28-29, not a good choice.

Mixing cobs and strips the v22 looks like a really good option though. Numbers look in line with cxm-22 and I’ve seen them for as low as $14. That would work out to 1 35 watt cob and one 14 watt strip per driver. I’m assuming we would absolutely need to find sink to fit going that route.

I’m really liking doing 8-10 citi 1212’s or vero 18’s the more i look. Probably enough to crack data sheet and start copy and pasting part numbers into arrows search bar checking pricing and availability on the vero’s. The 36v is most efficient, but 29v would work too if price difference is significant. I feel like I’ve seen 29v 4000k 80cri there for $8-$9. Based on nature of project, if you see something save part number and wait til next coupon code comes through. The 1212’s i haven’t seen anyone even close to cobby.


Just an FYI on the Great Lights @dbrn32 made potable,
Here are some Bud Shots from under the lights.


Looking nice @crazyots I bet they’re dense as all get out! :heart_eyes:


What is this?! Please tell me it’s unplugged because nothing is there.


Looking great @crazyots! Lemme know when you drop that ATF :wink:


Yes Sir, Turned off no plant under it.


Phew, i was hoping so.


This is one thing I love about the lights I can control it all!


Ya it’s a lot different than growing with a couple of big hid lights for sure.


Good morning db, i found this is it what im looking for?


I have that lamp but with the V2 LEDs which are ~7% more efficient than the V1 from what I have gathered from @dbrn32.

The V2 boards are supposed to be back in stock this coming week. It was last listed at $330.

Both versions would be great in a 33x33 plot.



I have no idea what you mean i dont know anything about lights but db was saying something like this so im thinking im on right track. Just want less heat during flower.


You’re space is something like 33"x33" right? If so, that will do it. Get the 3500k.


And that kit has everything i need or is there upgrades i need to make. Im really excited about it.


Well 3500 is out of stock there going to search the inter webs today to find it.


Ok so im looking for a qb288 v2 3500k by Samsung is that correct. This site i found has a ton of info i just beed ro be sure thats what i want. The v2 is newer so?


I had checked when i read your post this morning the 3500k was in stock lol.

Same kit in v2 is fine. Just watch where you’re getting it from. Hlg and growerslights would be my reccomended vendors, other places maybe but good chance you will get a knock off.

If you have trouble finding it, the 260 xw kit would be good for your space too. 3000k or 3500k is what you want.