Let's talk DIY lights


Absolutely! Buying a 4 pack of qb 120’s and hlg-240h-2100a will run you about $200. Rest of the stuff to get it together probably $50-$60. Would be very nice light in that space under $300.


I haven’t run them in months. In fact I still think one of them is taken apart. I’ll take a look. I don’t really have any need to do anything with them…but you know how it is. Could be used to bolster my veg tent if I wanted to flower in there.


Mine have 7 drivers in them - one for the PC fans and 6 for the LEDs. The LED specific ones have the following output: 45-75v DC at 700mA.


@dbrn32 any major difference between the QB120 and QB132 besides board dimensions, number of chips and voltage? It’s only a 5 buck difference on HLG


The 132 would work as well, just need 1750ma driver instead. They just weren’t available last time i looked


Thank soooo much i think your very right


I just need to get the link to buy them, or is there like tons of them


Google horticulture lighting group


They’re not an approved vendor to link sorry. But a quick web search should land you in the right spot.


Just tested it cant buy hlg us site sale and have it delivered here they raise the price in us dollars before you even enter an address after selecting a country other than usa


Looks like I found the place to ask a couple questions about leds… I’m curious what the difference between the v1 and v2 is of the qb kits on the HLG website. They are all sold out so I’d assume they are the better of the pairs.
I’ve been wanting to build another tent and step my game up for a while now just a little hesitant as I’m on my 3rd light and want to finally do this right…
What I’m looking to do…
I need to buy/build a decent light for a 4x4 tent. I’m going to continue to utilize my 4x2 for Veg and for now use my 2 amazon specials in there and give the love to the flower tent… my buds are smelling good and frosting up nicely however the density could be much better… I don’t have much in the way of soldering experience or much electric rigging at all. However I’m certain I can learn if needed.
I looked at a fluence spider 2 but it’s a bit out of my price range at $1500
I have narrowed my search down to 2 brands I believe…
HLG and Rapidled…
I like the quantum boards by HLG but the reviews look promising with the chilled logic pucks as well.
I’m looking to spend $500-$800 if I can for everything (tent, light, fan)
Any and all advice is welcome and thank you in advance!! :metal:


4 https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/collections/quantum-boards/products/qb304-with-slate-2-single-combo?variant=14379912921137 $236
https://www.rapidled.com/mean-well-hlg-480h-c2100b/ $149
That’s what I would get if I needed a light for a 4x4


The only difference between the v1 and v2 is the actual chip used. V1 uses Samsung lm 561c and v2 uses lm 301b. The v2 is the newer and more efficient led. It looked like third party test reports showed a 5.7% gain in radiometric efficacy and about 7% gain in photometric efficacy.

For a 4x4 you’ll want 4 of the 288 boards. V1 or v2 either will work. They come a lot of different ways.


Ok thank you! So the boards I will order 4 when they are back in stock… what else do I need to order with them so I can use them? I literally have no idea what I’m doing with these but I’m hoping YouTube will teach me how to put stuff together??


There are some YouTube videos that can walk you through most of it. The most time consuming part will be building up a frame gmfor the lights. You’ll need some aluminium angle and hardware for that. Otherwise, the 4 boards and heatsinks and led drivers are it for major components. Once you have boards and heatsinks coming I’ll let you know what to get for driver. And then once all that stuff is picked out i can get you a wiring diagram too. Otherwise a small spool if 18awg solid 300v wire, 2 port wago connectors, power cords, and if you want there are some cool waterproof connectors for connecting driver to power cord.


Cool man thanks I work for a large steel fabricator. I’m hoping I can get someone to weld me a frame soon as I know what dimensions I will need and all. Thanks for your help!


@Dbrn32 - I took one of my KingPro lights completely apart and took some measurements.

Inside it has 5 drivers that output 45-75V at 700mA. Those are connected to a 1/4" PCB that has the dioded attached to it. The PCB has a positive and negative connection point (soldered) for each driver.

The board is 360mm x 200mm (14 1/4" by 7 7/8").

The EB Gen2 strips in 280mm have a 350mA nominal current, don’t they? 19.5v for each strip, right?


Yessir. Will be a little higher at 700ma, like between 20-21 volts. Would put you at 3 strips per regardless. Is there separate power supply for fans? If not, the voltage for them would have to be accounted for. A lot of times they’re just wired in series with driver.

It would probably be a charlie foxtrot to organize, but i think the smaller vero cobs are available in 25v version. Two of those and a 280mm eb would probably fill a driver well.


Yeah there is a separate power supply for the fans - 12v output.

What I am thinking is I will just get a piece of aluminum that’s the same size as the PCB, stick some EB strips on it and wire it up inside the case with the fans still installed and working to provide active cooling.

There are three fans in the case.

I’m game to try anything that will fit inside the case… obviously just using strips would probably make it cleaner… I’d want to discuss mounting and heat-related mitigation with you if I decided to go a COB route.


Its a good plan. I was looking at it from standpoint of having drivers for 15 strips but only having physical room for about 8? You pretty much need exactly 3 strips per driver, 2 not enough and 4 too much. So you can use 2 drivers and 6 strips, unless you think you can fit 216mm on 200mm wide plate?

If we can swing 2 small cobs and 1 strip per driver, thats like 8 cobs 4 strips, or maybe you could even do all 5 drivers?