Let's talk DIY lights


Sounds like a good matchup for EB strips. But I’m sure @dbrn32 can think of other options.


The 12v 1a is for fan. There is 3 other drivers besides that one?

Also, what are the measurements of the pcb inside and can you snap a pic of heatsinks?


Yes the 12 1amp is for the two fans

I heat sink is 8in x 12in


You’ll only be able to fit 8 of the 280mm eb strips in there, which would be 2 drivers worth. It would be a pretty significant drop in power. Let me see if Samsung has a higher voltage strip in 280mm package.


When you say 8" wide, do you have a full 8" of mounting surface for us to play with? Or is some of thst eaten up by the way pcb mounts to frame?


Full 8 inch but the corners are rounded a little. If i have get creative to mount anything i dont mind. I now know that i should of spent the 200 bucks i spent on these on something better bur hindsight is always 2020.


I could find a bigger heat sink if needed


If you’re going to find a bigger heatsink you may as well just build a whole new light altogether.

The Samsung f-series 280mm is a little more narrow. You could probably do 4 per driver for a total of 8 on 2 drivers.


I could turn my bluples in to 3 diy lights. Ill do some price checking into those later tonight. Im sure ill have some follow up questions lol

Thanks dbrn32


You bet, I’ll be around.


Could 1 driver run a qb304 looking at there website they have the 3500k on clearance.

Would it be worth it running at 650ma?


One of those drivers would run a 304 at that current, they’re about 100v


I just ordered 1 qb304 to test this out and see. Hopefully it works out well and ill order like 5 more


So you’re gonna steal drivers from your light and wire to the 304 boards? Did you get heatsink for board as well?


Yes both the qb304 and heat sink for 59 bucks


Good deal!


Hmm. I don’t need anymore lights but that’s an economical conversion. I have two blurples sitting on a shelf.


Were should start looking for making my flower lights. Could i get what i need for my 33"x33" tent for 400$?


Ah you found the right place. Db can help and there’s lots of builds in this thread to get ideas from.


When you’re not running them take a peek at what they’re using for drivers. I’m sure there’s something that will work.